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The Search for Community

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For social community reasons, members of my family would like to find a congregation that we can meet with more regularly.  There are many around the metroplex tha

Best Interest of the People

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There is a phrase that can be used for all kinds of things and the perspective of the speaker must be known.

For instance, if you believe that the world is over populated or soon will be then: You would support abortion, genetic modification to reduce fertility, birth control, homosexual unions, nanny state, etc... Your goal would be to reduce world population by any and all means necessary for the sake of those that are left or for the sake of other life forms on the planet.

What should we prepare for?

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The country has become polarized in different directions.  Many people don't see anything unusual going on.  They believe that they will continue to be able to go to the store and get their daily provisions through out their life time.  They believe that if something really bad were going to happen, then the government or media would all warn them and provisions would have been made to help them through it. 

Other people see a great deal going on that they don't believe should be going on.  From meteorological and atmospheric phenomenon to tectonic activities.  From foreign wars to domestic war.  From health care to life cycle management.  From over population to cultural stabilization.  From technological collapse to technological epiphany.

The dictator's Dirge

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Where will he, this minstral be
infuriated dark
With hidden tale behind a vale
from shadows placed his mark

With leash removed, his rage not soothed
revenge his last war cry

Teach Your Kids How The Federal Reserve Works!

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