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Have you really looked at your paystub?

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For various reasons of budget and taxes I was looking at old pay stubs and current ones for my wife and myself as I was going through paperwork in my home office last week. What I found distressed me to no end.  What my wife and I make is not what we think we make.

For instance, in the last 6 weeks, my wife's pay stub has reported almost $2000 in "other" compensation.  She has not received any monetary compensation and has no idea what this is referring to.  I asked her to find out from her employer's human resource department that this is exactly.  We will be taxed on this "other" compensation, and need to know what it is so that if there was na error it can be corrected.  We know it is not bonus pay as that is listed seperately.  This increased other compensation may have other affects as well, such as reducing or eliminating any public aid benefits towhich we may otherwise be eligible with a family as large as ours.

Spoilers in the Workplace

Every office has one or more of these people. These are the whiners, the constant drip in the boss's ear. They appear to be attentive to their jobs, but you find them butting into most conversations and listening in to the others. They are the ones that are constantly seeking "fairness" in the work place. They usually have an agenda of some sort for their personal career goals. They will go to the boss with every little thing, especially if they want the person's job that they are complaining about.

Copenhagen Consequences: What You Need To Know by

Copenhagen Consequences: What You Need To Know
Fact Sheet #44

The Next Kyoto?Copenhagen Consequences

  • U.S. Policy: In 1997 the U.S. Senate unanimously passed the Byrd-Hagel Resolution, which warned President Clinton not to enter into any global warming treaty that leaves out developing nations or hurts the American economy. This is still U.S. policy today and should serve as the overarching guidelines for the December global warming conference in Copenhagen.

Why are you surprised?

Major Nidal Malik Hasan killed several young soldiers on a military base in Texas.  This  was initially presented by our media as apossible act of "terrorism".

Now let's examine that idea in a more logical framework:

We are in MULTIPLE foreign nations.  We are engaged in a declared WAR against the umbrella tag of TERRORISM.  Within this declared war are several identified targets and some unidentified targets.    This has resulted in the over throw of at least two governements, not that they were good governments, that we had at least some part in establishing in the past.  We then established new governments.  We have specifically targeted military installations and training camps, military personnel, and political entities  during this process.  We have specifically avoided the targeting of religious institutions despite knowledge that these locations are where the military personnel are seeking refuge, support, and encouragement.

Lord Christopher Monckton Speaking in St. Paul

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