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Site Down or Out of Town

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As some may have noticed, a few days ago this site - along with several others went down.  This was due to a maintenance change that was supposed to increase performance of the overal server systems.  Time to get technical:

On a Windows 2003 server I had implimented a boot.ini change called /INTAFFINITY.  This change was intended to cause all interupt requests be handled  by the highest ordinal processor - relieving that burden form the other processors.  This works fine the stock HAL that is shipped with the operating system.

Jumping Job Droppers

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A few weeks ago I received an email invitation for a position that had become available at a local company.  This was a well known company and due to confidentiality agreements I am unable to reveal its name at this time.

Polygamy - Texas, the media and bias (Or Targeted Persecution)

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Let me preface this by stating that I have not practiced polygamy.  I understand it, but have not practiced it.  I am writing this article to address

Live clips of Michael Harris

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