When you need to talk, there are those that will listen

Do as you say, not as you do...

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I've noticed a common theme that seems to occur in business:

Employer V.S. Employee

A Career or a Job?

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The workplace management, recruiters, and education staff like to make reference to your "career".  As if it were some kind of magical word that leads to fulfilment in daily life.  But is it a career or a job?

Maybe my definition of the words is skewed.  Possibly even wrong.  For most of us we think of advancing our career, when we just want a new or better paying job.

3D Chess Federation

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The 3D Chess federation's website has gone through some changes to make it more accessible and to incorporate more modular components to allow for growth and more user interaction.

The site is located at:

We expect the site to grow and flourish through user participation.

Please check and read the articles about the many variants of this exciting and challenging form of chess.

A Day In The Life

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Well... the last 24hrs... wow... It is amazing how Elohim works to get your attention...

I've had my wife chastized for things that she has no control over by a person who refuses to accept responsibility for the problems that exist in their own life. I decided to go to one of the Messianic Synagogues in the area with my oldest son and a couple of the younger children. The music was great, the liturgy was uplifting and helpful.. It all brought tears to my eyes. Even the Rabbi's teaching was like he had written his drash specially for me.

Friends in low places

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Personal responsibility is becoming a pet peave of mine... I know too many in the work environment and in social circles that won't accept responsibility for their own actions.

Such things as promises... If I agree to do something for someone, I do it as agreed. I do not believe that I have the right to arbitrarily change that agreement.

Pay attention here, because this may be confusing:

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