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Work Place Woes

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One of these days I will figure out that one little thing that will bring me to an early retirement... If I don't die trying first...

Today, I was informed that I am no longer allowed to make changes to a piece of equipment that I am a subject matter expert on. The person who is authorized to make those changes is no slouch, and perhaps I am just wearig my feelings on my sleaves... I am over tired from working 8-10hrs days, 2-3 side contracts, many private and ministerial projects, 7 children, and a graduate level Unix class...

ZZZZzzzz.... hhhgmm... huh? oh yeah...

Bleed Out - A pattern of workplace antics

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Everyonce in a while companies seem to go through cleansing of the staff. A time period when one person leaves, then another, then another. Sometime 30%-75% of the staff may leave.

What causes this fallout?

Usually some of the staff have become disgruntled about soemthing that they have observed. It may be the handling of internal promotions or the failure to give spot-bonuses or the failure to give raises comensurate with the experience and salary band that an industry professional falls within.

A Raise in Time is a Place in Line

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Gas a year ago in Texas was about $2.65 per Gallon
Gas in Texas now is about $3.20 per gallon

Various media sources are telling us that it will be $4.00 per gallon or higher by spring.

Four dollars per gallon! Most people don't realise that we were paying a little over a dollar a gallon just a few years ago. The fuel providers tell us that this is due to the price per barrel of oil. Yet they are posting continuously higher and higher profitiablity to their stock holders.

Tipping The Scales

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5% 10% 15% 20%

Tipping is more of an art than a science, and more of an obligation than an option. To some the art of tipping appears to be more like science fiction. Some people naturally give tips, for others it is like pulling teath.

There is a huge difference in tipping service staff who are earning $6 to $20 per hours, and the waitress at the local coffee shop who makes a $1.60 per hour. We should expect an excellence in service from either, but the hourly employee making minimum wage plus is at least making some kind of living.

Jewish Wisdom

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  • When, if ever, should lying be permitted?
  • If you've damaged a person's reputation unfairly, can the damage be undone?
  • Is a person who sells weapons responsible for how those weapons are used?
  • if the fetus is not a life, what is it? How, as an adult, can one carry out the command to honor one's parents when they make unreasonable demands?
  • What are the nine biblical challenges a good person must meet?
  • What do the great Jewish writings of the last 3,500 years tell us about these and all other vital questions about our lives?

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