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Constitutional Town Hall - "Reviving the Constitution" 5 parts

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Parts 1 though 5 in this article.  Use the Read More link to access parts 2 -5

Part 1:

He is..... A Soldier

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Each morning he awakes to he gives thanks just to be there.....

Each meal he partakes of is even more precious than to that of criminal's final meal......

Each night as he lies down to sleep  he gives thanks for the day that he's had here on earth.....

The Sacrifice of our Soldiers and Their families

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It is so easy to forget the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for our freedoms.  Since the dawn of time there has been wars and people have died and the soldiers go into war for the most part knowing that they may have to sacrifice their lives, knowing that every moment could be their last on earth.  They leave their families knowing that they might not return home.   Their families watch with tear filled eyes  not knowing if that is the last time they will see their loved one.  And when a soldier dies it is their families that are left behind to pick up the pieces and go on with life. 

Putting on Airs in front of G-d

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I was born jewish to jewish parents of jewish parents and so on.....  But I did go to public school  and was surrounded at least to some extent by Christianity.....  One of my step mom's was a christian (though not highly practicing).....  Over the years I've made a number of friends (well at least acquaintances) and have met people of varying religious beliefs - Christian, Jewish, Muslim(?),  Messianic, Netzri, Amish/Mennonite, etc....

What does this all have to do with  what I am writing....   Probably not a thing.....

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