When you need to talk, there are those that will listen

Why Must We Pretend

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We live in a world that I just don't understand.  Where being depressed or hyperactive (ADHD) is something that must be fixed with medication.  Where be outspoken  is a bad thing (unless you agree with the other person).  

Teasing is a way of life......

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 As a child growing up  I was often teased and didn't really have many friends to speak of.  I wasn't all that popular though  I got a long with most people well (at least I think I did)....

G-d Bless all......

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God Bless the soldiers, the teachers,  the firefighters, the police officers, the poor, the lonely, the downtrodden, 

What is the World Coming too

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A 8-10year old special ed child is arrested 5 different times for repeatedly destroying classroom property and attacking other students & staff;  An 8y/o girl is suspended for telling another student (at recess) that she "Loves Jesus".  And many years ago I had learned that some kids were suspended because they were playing either "cops & robbers" or "cowboy & indians"  with small piece of branch or something they had found on the ground (I'm sure that that was not the only incident of that kind of thing happening)...... (sorry I don't have the exact sources of the above stories at my fingertips at the moment).

Why Can't Sports Events be about Sports Events

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I'm not what you'd call an avid sports fan.  I mean I enjoy a good game here and there, but don't go out of my way to make sure I don't miss the all important game.  I certainly see nothing wrong with sports including the the big games like Rose Bowl or Super Bowl.  What does bother me is the extra-curricular activities (as it were) that surround major sports events.  I'm not saying that everyone who goes to these games engages or is even the type to engage in such activities.  Many are good people just out to have a good time with the "guys" or with their family.  The activities I'm speaking of is the out of control partying where the goal seems to be to see how drunk one can get and how stupid they can act.  I am by no means an anti-drinking person, but when we drink to excess (as is often done in relation to sports events - especially big ones) we lose our inhabitions and morals.   This leads to stupid & inappropriate actions & behaviors.....

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