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Obama’s Muslim Timeline

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The information documents the interactions and timeline to date that current President Barakh Obama has had in the Muslim community locally and world wide.  If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck: Probably a duck!

Old Friends - Letting Go

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I currently live about 900 miles from where I grew up.  In the few years I have found that several of my old friends from high school also live in the area.  I was very happy about that as I am a nastalgic sort and am curious as to what everyone has done over the years.

I've made contact with all the ones I could locate.  Most were as excited as I to have a friend from past locally.  I've only actually gotten together with one of them.  Had our families together for swimming and dinner.  I speak to that one about once every couple of months and plan on getting together with them again.

The Potter's House

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The was a great potter whose house is filled with many vessels of precious oil.  The oil of the vessels is ia constant state of change, being refined by catalysts

CLM - Career Limiting Moves

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A CLM is a "Career Limitiing Move".  This happens most often out of speaking or doing without completely thinking through the results.

Why would I write about this? Well, because of my advise regarding certain things that have gone on in my spouse's employment that I was aware of, I successfully prevented her from making a CLM.  This has resulted in her having an opportunity to interview for a position which is a significant improvement to her career and personal goals.

This is great for her and I very proud of her for this.

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