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“Capital must protect itself in every possible way, both by combination and legislation. Debts must be collected, mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.

Best Interest of the People
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There is a phrase that can be used for all kinds of things and the perspective of the speaker must be known.

For instance, if you believe that the world is over populated or soon will be then: You would support abortion, genetic modification to reduce fertility, birth control, homosexual unions, nanny state, etc... Your goal would be to reduce world population by any and all means necessary for the sake of those that are left or for the sake of other life forms on the planet.
Remember always that sustainability has nothing to do with you. If you die to make the world more sustainable, they don't have a problem with that. If your grandmother dies with pancreatic cancer, you are sad. You may be sad or angry. But they rejoice that there is one less useless eater in the world that is no longer leaving a carbon footprint.

As alarming as that is, if whole cities are destroyed killing millions, so what?
This is occurring daily in the various wars that are chosen to be held around the world.  Within America, we scream a cry over 23 children being murdered in a day by a single person, and seek to uproot the found laws of the country.  Yet, we authorize the killing of thousands daily in foreign nations in defense of the nation.

If billions die that is better for those who remain. If whole populations are rendered sterile through the effects of rDNA and other chemicals passed on through immunizations and GMO food products - even better, natural attrition and no replacements. Many don't believe this is happening.  Simply look at the ingredient label on your immunizations, then take that list and look up the MSDS datasheets.  When I did this, almost every ingredient had a negative impact on reproduction.  There are labs that have reported that rats fed GMO foods are rendered sterile in 3-4 generations.  There are some foods, like soy, that increase estrogen production - even in men.  But there are few studies on the effects of these various factors on sexual orientation.  There was at least one study in Britain that indicated a high stress environment in the 2nd-3rd term of pregnancy increases the likelyhood of shift in sexual orientation.

If your body chemistry can be modified before birth or while growing to induce homosexual feelings, you would have no desire to reproduce. You would be born that way. You would be engineered that way. That would piss me off if it were me...  But the arguement that they are born this way may hold merit at some level.  It is still a choice, but the social and political support for the choice makes it almost vogue.  This results in decreased population as homosexuals don't reproduce.  They recruit.

All this death and raping of the human genome and populations, is after all: In the Best Interest of the People.

Better living through chemistry does not refer to you, it refers to those who may come later. It may not refer to humans at all, as many of these people support the rights of animals over that of humans.

Yet, none of these people who foist this process on the collective are truly willing to remove themselves from the carbon footprint. No... that is for lessor people for those in power are too important to have their bloodlines removed.

When they say it is in "your" best interest... "Your" doesn't necessarily refer to you, but to the collective.

Best Interest of the People? In whose eyes?