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Cap and Trade V.S. My Automobile

A friend from my youth commented in response to a thread on a FaceBook page:

I fear your assertions about vehicle usage for carbon emissions is substantiated but it is not for merely the raising of tax revenue. The automobile is freedom. When we were younger that's all we worked for was the first set of wheels, and the freedom it brought! I recall several trips in a certain lime green Chevette! This next generation can't seem to wait to get their bus pass and buy carbon credits to aussage some bogus guilt. The left has long sought a reverse migration to the urban areas for propaganda reasons, and making the autombile unaffordable is a key to their plan. When they can control all forms of transportation in and out of their urban(Cities)control areas, then freedom is truly lost!

I had made the assertion that the agenda of those currently in control is to tax us based on the number of miles we drive and the carbon foot print our vehicles make.  This would be calculated at the time of vehicle emissions inspection and either taxed immediately or added as a line-item to our tax returns - reducing the mount of any refund we may be entitled to.

Although his statement was part of my premise, I did not state it as clearly as he did, but rather alluded to it.  

At this time the most wealthy and powerful people in the world are engaging in a huge social experiment.  The appearant goal is to encourage, through economic and social pressure, those who live in more rural regions but commute into a city for work, to relocate to the city.

In a more intellectual statement: Those in control would like us to migrate from low density population centers to high density population centers. 

Their stated purpose for this is to reduce the carbon foot print and save the environment. 

I find it very difficult to believe that there will be a significant difference in the human carbon footprint by these actions.  In fact, I don't believe that the human carbon footprint is very impacting in a negative way at all.

Prior to the industrial age we had things called prairie fires and forest fires.  They burned large - I mean hundreds of square miles and sometimes thousands of squre miles - areas of land until they reached a break point where the flame either ran out of fuel or was extenquished by rain.  The atmospheric carbon effect of this and the localized reduction of green plants for CO2 and CO conversion should have been devistating to the envrionment.  Yet, this cycle happened for thousands, if not millions, of years.  The effect of these fires and inefficiency with which they consume their fuel should have been far worse than that of the automobiles and other vehicles in use today.  These fires did not happen occasionally, but frequently.  They are usually caused by lightning of approaching storms, but occasionally from other things.

Another commentor made the statement that he had never seen any studies supporting this premise.  Of course he didn't.  As often happens, any such studies would either be supressed or efforts would be made to discredit the authors of the study to invalidate it.  Plus it would take motivate archeology and mineroligist team to create the historical record from core samples.. (Which has actually been done for other reasons).

So if the whole carbon foot print issue is a farce, then what is the real reason? 

Moving to high density areas does several things: 

  • It limits free open movement
  • It creates dependancy on localized public resources
  • It creates an environment that is easier to monitor, and control
  • It limits independancy - nothing more than an herb garden
  • It limits people to public provided water supplies
  • It makes it eay to rapidly disseminate information

Of course, on the surface some of those things may appear to be positive depending on your personality type.  Yet, there is a negative to every one of these:

  • Limited movement limits opportunity in business, disaster escape, and more
  • Public resources cannot be guaranteed available, plus contamination to those resources impacts all who use them.  Deliberate contamination increases in high density areas either to terrorism or government sponsorship
  • Most of us find it offensive to be a. controlled, and b. monitored.
  • Should supply lines be broken your local grocery will be wiped out in minutes - not days or weeks.  Especially during a disaster.  You cannot grow enough food to survive on if you had to in a highly dense community.
  • Food pricing can be set so that the wealthy can get much and the poor get nothing, as Cap & Trade legislation passes those incresed costs on to the consumer.
  • It is well known that governments have drugged local populations using public water supplies, something that is much more difficult in private water systems.  The mayor of Arlington, TX has admitted openly in an interview of putting low levels of anti-anxiety medication in their public water supply.  To my knowledge no ther community has admitted this.
  • It increases risk of disease proliferation due to increase communal contact.
  • It makes it easier to localize disidents and remove them - even passive disidents.
  • It allows propaganda to be readily spread through a community to affect community opinion and action
  • It allows for locallization of public knowledge to events or trends that the government does not want spread around. Example is S&L callapse in Texas, for the most part only Texans were aware of this during the crisis.  It was not generally covered in national media until after the events had passed and it was politically expedient to do so.
  • Risk of riot damage and harm increases in areas of high density, as does crime, gang violence, illegal use of drugs, necessary use of prescription drugs for mood control, high-blood pressue, etc.

The best way to keep the serfs in line is to contain them.  The best way to reduce planetary population is to contain the serfs, and let them die or kill each other.  It is well believes in intellectual circles that the planet is over crowded.   When they say over crowded - they mean by people, not animals.  It is believed by many that a global planetary reduction in the number of humans on the planet is necessar to ensure the sustainability of the biosphere.

It believed by some that many modern terminal viral diseases, which have never existed before, are as the result of tampering.  Diseases like the HiV virus, H1N1 Virus, and Avian Flu - all virii strains that exists commonly in the animal kingdom and have never jumped species until the last 20 years. 

Still many do not participate in activities that would lend to comon exposure to these "modified" or "adaptive" virii.  So, through the medical establishment, young girls are encouraged to take a shot for HPV, a disease they will likely never be exposed to - especially if people still waited until marriage for sex.  The long term affects of this on the reproductive system are unknown.  It is possible that the shot may limit their reproductive years and since more women are waiting until later in life to have children this could lead to a significant deline in birth rate.

H1N1 vaccine is relatively untested and has been fast tracked through the system.  Most of the vaccine for this virus has a mercurial base.  Historically murcurial based vaccines have triggered the onset of Autism in as high as 1:400 children.  Once triggered the effect is permenant.  Would you put you child on a plane that had a 1:400 chance of crashing?  What about 1:10000?  Well, neither would I.

All HiV vaccines are experimental.  These drugs are only given to high risk communities.  These communities are unlikely to reproduce in the conventional methods.  Testing of the drugs is in these same communities and require exposure to know if they work... This is akin to working in a steel mill and waking through the furnace to test a flame retardant suit.

The end result is population reduction.  Once birth rate of a population center drops below 2.5, the society for that center declines.  Once it decends below 1.5 it is unlikely that the society will recover.

What does that mean? 

Limit births via birth control, through subterfuge limit births by medication and sabotage, reduce live births by abortion, induce life length limiting contaminants into drinking water supplies (Chlorine and Fluorine - both known toxins), introduce new viral strains that can either kill or direct people to certain drugs that will later limit reproduction (the Swine flu vaccine of the 70's killed more people than the swine flu - also untested & fast tracked).  Introduce drugs that numb the senses to concern over such matters (Anti-anxiety drugs, anti-depressants - check City of Arlington water supply). 

All this leads to a significant decline in population.  Increases mortality rates (reported by the agencies that are controlling the rest of this).  Lowers birth rates.  Easier management of existing population.  The easiest ones to control with this are those in high density population centers.

Recently the state of Texas passed legislation forcing you to leave if an area is deemed an evacuation zone.  This designation could be defined by a number of things: storms, disease outbreak, chemical release, etc.  If you don't leave when you are told to, they can and probably will arrest you and place you in a detention center.  This can occur despite preparations on your end to ensure your safety in your domicile.   As has been demonstrated repeatedly, police in Texas and many other states have no problem with using a taser to get you to comply with their instructions.  This includes getting out of your house, vehicle, and other things.  And they never actually charged you with anything. ( a simple search for taser on can verify this ).   They will taser you and arrest you if you don't leave with them.

This will force you in to a high density population center where you may have been living rurally and securely well away from the sited danger.  Once in the internment camp, you can be managed more easily.  Forced injections, communal water supplies and food can all be used to deliver any number of medications and treatments - without your knowledge or the knowledge of those working there.  Once you are "treated", you will likely be released to return to your home - if hasn't been annexed, looted, or destryed in your absense.

Banking laws were changed a few years ago.  They limited your ability to file bankruptcy, and the nature of that bankruptcy.  They established laws for debtor's prisons - (Slavery) for those who do not pay their debts. This was done at the push of the banking industry, coincidentally just before the market crash.  At about he same time, loan rules were modified to a more lax standard enabling many to buy homes who would not otherwise have done so.  This did several things.  It prevented people from waling away from bad debt, and put alot more people in bad debt.  Then the economy collapsed preventing people from paying.  Many have lost their home, yet still owe an outstanding balance due to shortsells or second mortgages that are still unsatisfied.  They get docked in their pay or may even go to jail where they will have to work off their debt.  The results of this are still to be seen.

It is becoming more obvious that there is a systematic plan in place to reduce population sizes and to gather as many as possible in to high density centers for management purposes.  This should not come as a suprise as the envrionmental rights and animal rights groups have been espousing this need for years. 

Every little piece of this was introduced in small sections until recently.  Most people will not see the big picture and connect all the dots.  Most won't even see the dots.  It is not until you see many of the pieces, their context and relationship to each other that you realize what has happened, what is happening, and what is going to happen.

And all of this jelled one day when you realize what cap & trade means to the individual.


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