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We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly away to find they have Com

Common Law V.S. Admiralty Law
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Many years ago I hung out with a bunch of people who claimed that the way our country is being run is illegal. They constantly spouted about "common law" vs "maritime law"They wrote elegant papers and lengthy speaches... But to what end?What I have witnessed, seen, experienced, and otherwise observed is that, although what those individuals were saying may have been technically correct, there is no one left who falls under the category and no one left who knows how to administer under those jurisdictions.Thanks to SSI and other mandates, we are "Citizens of the World", whther we like it or not. We all operate under something called the uniform commercial code. Don't like that? too bad, it is where you are and there is no provision for reversing the process.What I have learned is that those people who keep pushing common law over maritime law all seem to be not working so much, or they are working in some covert way, or they are being wholly supported by those of us who are still "in the system".When I discovered that we were working under the admiralty laws/maritime law/UCC, I found that the best thing to do was to learn THOSE laws. I mean: I can't get out of it anyway. The only provision in law is to transition into the juridiction but no provision for getting out of it. It is amazing how complex the laws are but how simple. The best thing anyone can do is to learn what they can and cannot do under the jurisdiction they live in. Use that knowledge to your advantage.The only thing I have seen from the tax protesting groups is a mutal destruction and paranoya. I've watch very intelligent men lose their minds and in the end be4 right back where they started.Freedom is not free it is earned. Quite honestly, we stopped earning true freedom some time ago.