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An Excerpt regarding Herpes
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Kevin Trudeau ISBN 0-9755995-1-8


Q: I have herpes. How do I cure it?

A: The medical community states that there is no cure for herpes. For years the medical community has made statements of facts, when in reality it is nothing more than their opinions. Keep in mind the amount of money made by making people believe that you cannot "cure" herpes. The amount of drugs sold in treatment of herpes is astronomical. The profits made are astronomical. If you have genital herpes or if you have cold sores on a regular or recurring basis, you have a herpetic virus in your system. That's what everyone seems to think is true. Most people think that once you have a herpetic virus, it will stay with you forever and there is no way you can "cure" it. The answer is that no one really knows whether the vireus leaves or stays in your system, No one can really see the virus. Medical science can only see the antibodies your body develops if you have allegedly been infected with the virus. Keep in mind this is all medical theory, none of theis is "known" facts. The only thing I am concerned with is if you have breakouts, your ideal scenerio is that you never have a breakout again, I would call that a cure. I don't know if the medical community would call it a "cure", but I would. So the real question is not "how do I 'cure' my herpes?" The real question is, "I have breakouts," whether they are genital or cold sore breakouts, "what can I do so that I don't have any more breakouts?" That is the real question. Well, I'm not sure if this treatment that I'm about to give you will allow you to never have another breakout but, from everyone I've talked to, most people have never had another breakout and for those who do it's so rare and so short lived that it doesn't really matter.

1. You have to cleanse and detoxify your body. The reason you have breakouts is because your immune system is supressed and allows the virus to activate. If your immune system is low, the virus will activate. You have to do a cleans, a colon cleanse, a Candida cleanse, a liver and gallbladder cleanse. You must do these cleanses because without the cleanses your body's immune system will always be weak adn you will always be susceptible to disease.

2. You need proper nutrients. Your body is deficient in nutrients, making it incapable of fighting off viruses and preventing the breakouts. You need to suppliment your diet with proper food suppliments - whole food suppliments. You need to get nutrition. Ideally, juicing or taking whole food suppliments. Eating more raw fruits and vegetables are key. (The owners of recommend for a whole food suppliment)

3. You need to the energetic frequency of the imbalance. If you go to a homeopathic doctor, homeopothy deals with frequencies.If you go to the EMC2, which is talked about int he book "Sanctuary", sign up for the AIM program like I am on, your will have your energetic frequencies balanced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I highly recommend and endorse that. Go to:

4. Lysine. Kysine is an amino acid that will supress the ability of breakouts to develop. If you eat food with lots of arginine, such as peanuts and tomatoes, you have a tendancy to increase breakouts. So the best way to prevent breakouts is to take lysine daily. Go to your health food store and inquire.

5. Red Marine Algea. This appears to kill and wipeout the herpes virus. You can go to a health food store and there are several brands available. The ideal scene is when you feal the next breakout coming on, take the red maring agea, take it for 60 days. Just by doing that there is an excellent chance you will never have a breakout again. If you do, the mment you feel the breakout, start taking the red marine algea. You will notice the breakouts are much, much less severe and don't last as long. Continue that procedure until you never have another breakout again.

6. There is a product in the health food stores called DMSO. When applied it kills the herpes virus. Also, drink liquid oxigen available in health food stores, as the virus cannot exist in an oxigen rich environment.

7. Larrea. This plant is anti-viral and can kill the herpes virus in 30 days.

If you do these things I recommend, I believe that (1) your breakouts will be less frequent and less severe, and (2) there is an excellent chance you will never see another breakout again. As always, I am not a doctor. Iam not giving medical advise. I am giving my opinions for educational and informational purposes only. It is vital if you are concerned about your health that you seekout the preperhealth-care professionals in your area and get their opinions and have somebody treat you directly. Ideally, for herpes you can go to a proper herbologist or homeopathic doctor, which are probably the two best choices. editor notes: This exeerpt from this book is posted to encourage you to purchase this book. The book is full of interesting information regarding the medical community and healthcare. If you are concerned about why you are sick, then this book is an excellent starting point. It is full of references to third party materials that can assist you in pinpointing methods that can lead to better health.