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Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves.

Freedom of the Press (bound and gagged)
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Initially I wasn't going to say much about Wikileaks and Julian Assange.  He is an avid socialist with an unrealistic view of the world.  His releases under the guise of information freedom have only served to attack conservatives and to make the USA and its allies look bad to the rest of the world and to each other.

I am for freedom of information.  Under a different method the revealing of the information may have had a positive effect, but not the way it is being done.

Here is an interesting aside:  Through investigative reporting and whistleblowers, our own western media should have had access to similar information at various levels and other information in various forms. 

What happened to it?  Why did they not reveal any information?  Why are they being very careful in their analisys of what has been revealed?  They have effectively said nothing.

I have heard no more than about 5-10 ( and 10 is stretching it) topics form the revealed documents.

I suppose they don't want to be accused of espionage or something.  However, the rest of the world is seeing it - leaving us as US citizens at a distinct disadvantage in decision making regarding information that the rest ofthe worl has access to, has analysts working on, and will make future decisions by.

Some people think that if the website can be shut dow, theproblem will go away.

Good luck!

Almost every search engine on the net has already indexed and cached the content of the site.  Archives of the file shave already been mirrored to hundreds of servers.  And more information has already been set for release if any overt attacks occur. 

Julian's best defence?  He is now high profile and very well known.  Anything that happens to him will be viewed as conspiracy by the political elite and bankers.  Add to the that the threat of release of more information (Which will get released anyway - don't think he is not going to do it, it is only a matter of when).

What do I think of Julian?  Well, he is a genious - but that doesn't make him a good guy.  Based on the article in RollingStone Magazine a couple of months ago, he appears to be very personable - if not a little paranoid.  I would have 3-6 months ago enjoyed having a cup of coffee with him and discussing what is going on in the world.

Unfortunately, his current actions will end up costing lives - although probably not his own.  His public blackmail attempt to maintain his freedom could be defined as a terrorist act in itself.   He did not, himself steal the information and those that did are alreadyin custodyand facing long jail times.  He published information that was provided to him that he felt the people of the world should know about so that they could invoke change.

He published state secret documents.   He published private diplomatic communications and negotiations.  Is he a spy for this or a journalist?

For most of the media - when the Fed says drop it, they do.  That is one of the functions of a Senior Editor - to ensure that the wrong toes don't get stepped on and to ensure that toes that do get stepped on don't cause more problems.

I've hear a couple of conservative journalists say that he should be tried for treason.  Really?  He is not a US citizen, pretty hard to convict for treason.  At least one of those journalists pointed out that no liberal or socialist politicians had been caught in the crossfire.  I don't know if that's true, but the mainstream media is focusing on those releases where they can.  If it is true, then it certainly leads to the idea of leading us into a more socialist outcome.

One thing that has happened is that the face of the internet will be forever changed.  It will either remain wide open, or safebuards will be put into place to ensure that wide releases of information and it's transfer can never occur again without big brother approval.  Either way, a line has been drawn and we will never go back.  Also, newer more efficient means of transferring information behind big borther will develop.  Julian was working on that too.

I have mixed emotions on wikileaks and Julian - over all, not a good move on his part and he should expect the rest of his afflouant life to be forfeit.  Not that he will necessarily be removed from life, but more likely that he will no longer have the freedoms once available to him.  But if you saw the way he was living in cloak & dagger style before, he hasn't been very free all along, existing in a self imposed prison under the guise of maintaining his freedom.

However, the release of this information  and the very controlled republication of it really reveals how controlled mainstream media really is. Most often, as I watch some public interest story of no relvance what-so-ever, I wonder to myself:  What is going on right now in the world that they dont want me to know about?  Because, usually, it is revealed later or through some overseas communication that something was going on but for some reason we weren't supposed to know about it at the time.  We see this all the time when a terrorist attacks occur in the USA.   You don't hear about it until the proper spin can be placed so that no one really knows what happened.


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Personal note

Just to be clear.  If Julian had been a US citizen, he should be charged with Treason.  Since he is a foreign national, this would be classified as an act of espionage.  He has been receiving monetary compensation for the transfer of "state secrets" to foreign parties who will, not just may, use that information in military strategy and international policy advancement.

He is effectevily a spy and one of the worlds most well known hackers.  He lives and moves about as covertly as possible - despite his public persona.  His interviews with Rolling Stone reveal quite clearly that his activities ride on the border of legality and that law enforcement has seen him as a person of interest for sometime.

Despite is rhetoric, his actions will not better society, but will further the closure of the open internet into a highly regulated information exchange medium.

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