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Dwelling on the past and learning from it are NOT the same thing.

Friends in low places
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Personal responsibility is becoming a pet peave of mine... I know too many in the work environment and in social circles that won't accept responsibility for their own actions.

Such things as promises... If I agree to do something for someone, I do it as agreed. I do not believe that I have the right to arbitrarily change that agreement.

Pay attention here, because this may be confusing:

I had a friend who gave some money, charity, to another friend to be transferred to a third friend. But instead the 2nd friend decided that a mutual 4th friend needed the funds more and re-routed the funds there. He did this without asking the original giver.

Personally I call that theft or imbezzelment. I don't believe that funds that are donated for a purpose should ever be re-routed to another purpose without the knowledge and consent of the original donor. If the donor knew in advance that the funds may be used for a variety of purposes that is different. But when funds are donated for a specific purpose, they need to be used exclusively for that purpose or returned.

It is much the same as soliciting donations and promising a gift as a "thank you" or "Appreciation" for donations. Legally, an argument could be made that the receiving organization has no legal obligation to send anything - especially if they make the claim that the gifts are subject to availability.

However, despite any legal obligation, there is a moral obligation. If I make a donation to anywhere, and they have promised me anything as an appreciation for that donation, it is as if I had made a purchase. I likely made the donation for the sole purpose of getting that unique item they promised as a gift. Legally, I made no purchase, but that does not change the way I may see it and think about it. This especially holds true if I don't actually like or agree with the organization collecting the donations.

I applaud those individuals and organizations out there that meet those obligations with as much energy and focus as they due the efforts for which they gathered the funds. I also applaud those who have gone to extrordinary personal lengths to meet obligations, where partners in those organizations prevented them from meeting the commitments as originally promised.

Reputations are like fine crystal. It is a beautiful thing when clean and maintained. But, once shattered, it will never mend completely and will forever bear its scars.

Myself, I carry scars. Not because of what I did or didn't do directly, but because of what my associates did or didn't do. Even now, those associates are trying to go back and fulfull obligations that they had made over time. But their reputation is forever shattered and mine is by association. Based on recent communications, it appears that it has cost me some friendships.

Those associates had little to no choice in what was going on with them. I did have a choice. Since I could not enforce proper behavior, I resigned my position in the organization. Now, the associate that had no choice in the matter, went and made extraordinary arrangments to make things right with those who had donated. Still, even with that, the associate's reputation is forever damaged.

I recently commented to my wife that I have been a certain individual's best friend for ten years, I wish he had been mine...

Friendships need to be a two way street. When they are one way, then you are being used. My wife thinks I didn't see it. But, I did. I chose to allow myself to be used for the sake of the community because of specific information that my friend had that I felt was worth my life to get out to the community.

Well, due to stress and other factors as a result of that decision, I may have lost my life in this world as a result. That relationship has drained the life from my bones. Well, at least most of the information has been distributed.

I do not understand why people won't just be open and honest. Do what needs to be done. Keep your promises. Even if it is to your own hurt. Once an obligation is made, it no longer matters if your own children go hungry, you meet that obligation. Trust in Elohim to provide in the face of that.

One of the hardest things in the world to do is fulfill a promise with your last penny and not see where that next meal is coming from. But, hey, that is the nature of faith. Being faithful has alot more reflection in what you do than what you say you believe. Talk, is cheap. These few words cost me but a few minutes of my time. What anyone does with them I may never hear. But my mind is more at ease for saying them.