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 Not until they are being lined up to be executed will they believe you.

How certain is the future?
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The more I have considered the preponderance of accumulated information that I have gathered over the years, the more I wonder if the suppositions of most are errant and based on misinformation rather than fact.

Please excuse the preceeding length of sentence and use of excessive 10 cent words.

I have studied conspiracy theories for a large part of my life.  I have bought into some, and rejected others.  Other than for dogmatic denial, there really can be no question that the the government of the county you are a citizen of is lieing to you about something.  That is the whole point of "state secrets".The question then becomes, not "if", but what and why are they lieing?

I've always tried to see the conspiracies as they are exposed in light of Biblical prophecy.  So things like the end of civilization in 2000 or 2012 become obvious misinformation to keep the public off track or to profit those in positions to take advantage of the public fear in some sectors. 

Never the less, as I have studied, I have seen a pattern in most governments.  It appears that they are expecting "something".  They are not openly stating what, and most government leak sources either don't knwo or won't tell.  But you can see the preparations occurring.

Most people that are "End of Days" Christians or Messianic/Hebrew Roots see FEMA as a weapon focused on their demise through enslavement.  I've found that some leaders have created self-fulfilling prophecies regarding "government" persecution and extermination, mostly through their own actions and teachings.  I see others that may be leading their flocks to similar ends.  FEMA's collection of plastic coffins are, according to them, to be used on Christian's who will mot reject their God or Messiah.


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I used to run in those camps, even as a Torah observant person.  The scripture does appear to indicate that these kinds of things will happen.  In some countries it already has.


However, I continue to ponder this and consider as many perspectives on the matter as I can.  Recently it dawned on me that the governments are expecting something.  They appear to be expecting something cataclysmic.  Something that would uproot civilization and technology as we know it. 

Why would I come to that conclusion?


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Most FEMA camps are set in rural locations.  Far from major cities and on high ground away from coast lines.  They are structured similar to prisons from the outside view, except for the family atmosphere with playgrounds that can be seen from the fence lines. They also appear to be structured more keep people out, than to keep people in.  A defensive position, or safe harbor, more than a prison camp.


FEMA has been buying mass quantities of long term dehydrated and ration based food supplies to be placed into strategic bunkers and camps around the country, this became public on television through an interview with a private/commercial bunker builder that establishes these safe harbors for those with the money to buy in.

FEMA has stocked a very large quantity of plastic coffins to place the bodies of the dead into, as has been documented in many conspiracy/alternative media sites.

Internationally seed bunkers filled with heirloom seeds have been built in underground locations in less than six months.  An almost unheard of contstruction rate.

Even NASA has been publically looking for volunteers for off world colonization of Mars, a one way trip.  This is projected to occur in about 20yrs - with no specific date given, and they are looking for all kinds of people with a broad range of skills.  This leads one to believe that Mars may not be as uninhabitable as had been publically published.  This also appears to play into the "Alternative 3" scenario that had been published in the 1960s.  The collection of civilian volunteers for this project also may indicate that the military has already established some level of operations base onsite already.

All of this appears to be in preparation for a major "incident" or "event" that is internationally anticipated which may leave the world in a relatively life-hostile condition.  No specific date or time has been published that I am aware of, I would doubt there will be either as the public panic would be worse than anything else and would be disruptive to the overall policy of "continuity of civilization" and "continuity of government".

Scriptural prophecy does seem indicate that, preceeding the coming of Messiah, major events will occur that will result in the death of most of the world's population.  Men may be targeted by genetically focussed virii. One third of fresh water will be turned toxic.  One third of green herbs, ie. food, will be burned.  Oceans will rise and cover islands and coast lines.  Earthquakes will occur in diverse places of the world.  Wars will occur, the threat of war will occur, this in the Hebrew may be interpreted as acts of terrorism.  As mush as one third of those living after the disasters will be enslaved.  Up to 90% of the world's population may be killed.

How would one third of the worlds population be enslaved?  Who would volunteer into that?  That part is easy.  If you don't know how to grow food - animal or vegitable, you are going to get very hungry very fast.  You may be happy to enter into a FEMA camp in exchange for future freedom.  Alive a slave is better than dead and free - in today's society.  Many people, although they may have bought places to become safe harbors, are not developing them.  They have not stocked them.  They have not learned and developed the gound for a garden.  They are waiting for the end, then they will do it.  Of course, they will have neither the skills nor the resources by then.  They will try to get into these safe harbor camps, if there is still room, or they will starve. People, even believers in Messiah that read and follow prophecy will volunteer to be slaves when theya re hungry enough.  I give you as an example the cries of Israel during the Exodus when they were running out of diversity of food and sources of water.  They said they were better of slaves in Egypt than to die free in the desert.

After the "incident" or "event"  the "New World Order" or one world government will come into play.  Everything else is leading up to what ever this event is.

Many of the money and power brokers that are out there are completely in the dark about what is coming.  They are also not very relevant afterwards.  Many political leaders may not be aware of these coming things - need to know only, and they don't need to know.

I am not saying this to scare people, but to provide some level clarity to what may be going on.  The scripture indicates that these events will happen.  It also indicates that we are to propare.  We are to prepare physically and spiritually.  Based on the urgency with which the world governments are preparing for continuity and contigency plans indicates that the time for preparation may be nearing its end.  Also, never before  has the availability of resources been there to prepare.  Also, never before has the need to prepare been greater.






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