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I am bloated with gas (bill)
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What is the world is going on with fuel costs???

I was travelling over the weekend and saw the cost of diesel fuel was $4.75US per Gal.  Almost $5.00 for a gallon of diesel.  It is bad enough that my car's fuel requires me to spend $4.25/gal or ~$75/per tank.  But the transportation industries that bring our food an dother necessities to our local retailers are being hit so hard that the cost of EVERYTHING is increasing exponentially! (Except for my income level).

The odd thing is that I seen to remember that in the 1970's the price per barrel of oil was really high too... But we weren't paying $4 to $5 per gallon... And the Oil companies were not posting record profits in their annual reports either.

The governement is propozing to step in and "nationalize" the oil industry.  Great, so now the fuel industry is not just government regulated, but government run.  Get ready for $8.00 per gal prices - Its a new revenue/tax source, and the governement will need to buyout all that existing stock to "socialize" the industry.  The government, as the largest corporation in existance, is certainly not going to minimize or reduce its own revenue stream.

If this new leigislatio passes, then we have doen exactly what the USSR did, perhaps we will become known as the Peoples Socialist Republic of the United States.  Or if we merge our economies with Canada and Mexica (similar to the European Union)- as has also been proposed with the "Denero", we can be known as the North American Union.  We can leave things like Republic, Democratic, Socialist, Fascist and such out as they tend to leave a bad taste in everyones mouth.  Of course the end result is the same, whether we throught the adjective to the title or not.  Large industry will need to be socialized, Medicine will need to be socialized, labor unions will need to be disbanded, phone systems and internet will need to be socialized, free speach will need to be limited to remove all things that the governments deam to be "hate speach".  (Canada and Mexico already have these programs).  Private or stock ownership of large business or industry will become a thing of the past.

The USA as it was created no longer exists.  Public commentaries such as this, will eventually be censored or gone.  It is simply a matter of time.

I could rant for quite a while on the social engineering that is taking place in the USA.  It would be valid to the topic, as the topic is directly related to it.  However, I want to primarily focus on gas prices for now, and may write later about th other. 

Fixed income people are most commonly those people who no longer add additional value to the economy.  These are individuals that are considered poor, retired, disabed, etc...  With the increase in fuel costs many of these individuals are no longer able to travel.  This means difficulty in getting basic food and clothing.  Not just the fuel costs, but the purchase costs of good are directly impacted by the increased fuel costs.  Starvation or at least illnesses related to malnutrition in our country will without question make a marked increase.  The elderly will likely die at younger ages - despite better medical care being available.

All this because fuel prices are skyrocketing. 

While the prices of fuels go up, amazingly, the profits of the oil companies are also increasing.  While most of the oil companies are constantly blaming the increase in consumer costs on the increase in the price per barrel, they are having great difficulty in explaining the sharp increases in net profits during the same periods.

Now, if the oil companies were maintaining consistent reported profits during the same time period, I would understand that.  But to increasing profits?  This does not compute.

It is the obligation of every industry to maximize its profit and profit potential in a free market economy.  So, in a way, fleecing the general populace of their buying power and destroying the over all flow of the economy is a natural extension of such a directly impacting industry. 

I mean, I would sell this domain/site in a heartbeat for $7.5 Million at this point.  I may even partner for $3.5 Milion.  Is that profiteering?  Of course it is.  But why else would I build a social netowrking site of this nature?  My goal is to profit, to leave my regular job, to change my lifestyle, to move to another area.  This takes cash and lots of it.  I've set my price for the domain/site based on future revenue potential, not on what it brings in today.  Perhaps I'll geta buyer, perhaps not.  Either way my goal remains: Develop an income generating site that is informative and useful to people that will lead me to retirement.

So, even the goals of my company are to maximize profits.  I am not willing to cut profits, yet my costs keep going up.  I could charge for membership or to read articles.  I mean would you pay 1-5 cents to read an interesting blog?  Doesnt dound like much, but pennies add up.  I could charge $1/mo for membership (Which was in my original business model). I mean, who would even notice $1/mo from their paypal acct.  A few thousand subscribers and I am retired.  I prefer though to keep the site free to the end user and get revenue from inline advertising - I hope that some of the advertising presented is something you would want or need.  The current model, in the competitive environment that already exists is more likely to produce more revenue - but will take longer to get there.

Gas costs though, as I find myself getting side tracked again, are ridiculous.  Now I know that there are places in the world that are already charging $8/gal for gasoline.  But there are also places in the world that charge 40 cents for a gal of gas.  The cost of production between these locations is not much different, the supply is not that much different, so then what is?

It appears to me to be a very odd thing for a manufacturer to claim that their prices have increased dramatically, and are passing on those expenses to the consumer, and then make a record profit at the same time.

And of course the car industry is right there with them suddenly pushing cars with 30-35mpg - as if that was some great miracle.  My 1980 VW rabbit Diesel gets 45mpg.  The Toyotas and Suburus and Mazdas that I used to own got 30mpg.  Why not release to the public the technology that gets 60-100mpg and still has decent horsepower?  Why not release to the public the Brown's gas generators that actually work efficiently. 

If oil is that hard to get, and that dangerous to convert into a usable medium, then why are we still using it when it is well established that these other technologies are superior, more efficient, and renewable?  I see stuff for after market kits for Brown's gas generator addons for vehicles that increase performance and MPG by 20-50%.  Why are these not standard equipment on vehicles?

Fuels is more expensive everyday, food is now expensive as it trails the fuel, manufactured goods are falling in line with the food.  So I can afford a house, but not a car?  I can afford a car but not the gas?  Will I get to eat this week? Will my children eat this week?  Which bill do I not pay?  Which utility can I live without?  Eventually, we are standing in lines for 6hrs hoping that we can get a potatoe to fead our family that night, knowing we will be allowed only one.

I hope those who are orchastrating this are enjoying themselves, because when it finally folds in, they will be in trouble too.  There will be no one producing their food, their clothes, their entertainment, no one to fix their house or their car, no doctor to heal their wounds or illnesses.  They are stealing from themselves and dont even realize the final outcome is so harsh.  They may not care about me or I them, but they will care about their own hunger and pain.  It is coming.. Don't think so?  What do you think the former CEO of Enron is eating?  Do you think he is safer where he is compared to being free?

In the end: qui bene