When you need to talk, there are those that will listen

I drove

I try and I cry every time I say goodbye,

But the goodbye's keep rollin on in,

I fight to survive in this world without end,

And somehow I'm still standing here a light on a wik,

I am driving on over to remove your deep trouble,

Driven through road blocks just to see you with him,

I never thought that it would end this way,

Never thought I'd see dark like this pain,

I've tried to help you and keep you safe,

You called and told me you need me today,

So along the pitted highway I drove,

A hero in the wind coming to brighten you eyes,

And now I sit with tears from your lies,

Feel like drowning my fears in a bottle tonight,

But the pain hits me inside,

I wanted to be the one that you call,

Yet still I'm your option on call,

Never thought that my heart wouldn't break,

But still I never thought that you would could just leave,

I'm driving down a lonely road,

Never gunna come back to where my heart called home.