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Do as little as possible, and that unwillingly.  For it is better to receive a slight reprimand, than to perform an arduous task.


An awful lot of lifes problems will solve themselves if you just let them be...

Judgement of Others
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Thinking this morning about how we as a society are quick to judge others.  Looking at their outer appearances more than their inner heart.  People are so quick to judge others  not by their inner "fruits", but how they look on the outside.  Looking at a person who is dressed shabbily or who drinks a little too much.  A person who acts rough around the edges in public.....  These people are deemed unworthy, sinful, etc....  People only look on the outside and see the the black carbon on the outside, not the diamond on the inside.  While, on the other hand  those who are dressed perfectly and act perfectly in public are seen as being the good-ones.  It doesn't matter that those same people may very well be the ones who will turn away from you during your greatest time of need, the ones who may even strike against you and turn against you.  In addition it seems that if you do dress as a G-dly person  people expect perfection from you.  Mistakes, oversights, "freudian slips", etc just aren't acceptable.  "If your gonna dress perfect, you must act perfect at all times - no exceptions.

We are also quick to judge others cause they don't believe the same way we do.  The mentality seems to be that "If you don't believe my way, then you are wrong and don't know what your talking about".  The "I'm the only one who is right"  idea.  Some day G-d is going to come down to earth  and tell everyone (all these people who are thinking their way is the right way and is the only right way) how wrong and off the mark they really were.  But anywhooo.....

There are so many ways in which we judge.  Looking at the rough outer appearances and actions of a person and not seeing the diamond of the persons inner heart.  Deciding that a person with a disfigurement or an impediment must be retarded or stupid  when in fact that person might actually be a genius.  Judging a person who might learn differently as being wrong and not worth our time.