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Things that make you go hmm...

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Dwelling on the past and learning from it are NOT the same thing.


 Language, at least in America, is a funny thing.  We are one of the few countries where one word can mean so many things.  Often times actual intent of what a person is saying can only be determined by face to face contact (or at least verbal - ex:  phone all).  Take for example the words  "Yeah Okay"  Does that mean  Yes, OK I agree/I'll do it or does it mean  "Yeah Okay whatever  I don't care"?  What about "Yeah Right"?  Is the person actually agreeing - "Yes, you're right" or is it a sarcastic  statement?  So much of our language is based on body language and facial expressions to know what a person is actually saying.  So much is up to interpretation. It is no wonder that their are so many misunderstandings.