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Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves.

No more than you can bear
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The Bible indicates that our Creator will give us no more than we can bear.  The problem is that you don't know what your limits are.  Stretching those limits is hard.  It is absolutely amazing what we can bear. 

You may have noticed that this site was down for almost two weeks.  Well, not just this site but several.  I have a large family and money came up short due to high utility bills.  I had to make a choice of pay the ISP or pay for food, electric, water, schooling...  I chose the basic needs of the family before this fledgeling business.  I still ended up upside down in my bank account and will be spending the next few cooler months recovering.

Some people may think that I should budget better.  Or maybe they think I have too many children.  The reality is that when this year started we had income from other sources that was part of our food budget.  We had worked out a tight budget that we would get by on for the year.  My wife had some medical needs that had been waiting for a long time and we set a side pre-tax money in a medical account for those things based on the income we had at the time.

Just as the summer months began ALL of that extra income left.  There was no notice.  It just stopped.  This created a financial shortfall that we could not predict.  We worked hard to minimize all expenses.  We consolidated servers and shut down some of the biggest enrgy use equipment.  We ate almost all of our emergency supply food reserves over the summer.  The freezer is now getting bare.  The pantry shelves have very little left on them.  Still it was more than we had.

We made a partial payment to the ISP, but they still killed the connection.  We reached out to additional resources this week and got some money to get the connection restored. 

We are still upside down today, but hopefully this situation will correct itself over the next few weeks. 

We typically pay bills in the following order: Commute Expenses, Mortgage, Insurance, Electric, Water, Food, Gas, ISP, Phone, TV, Incidentals.  We pay the most important things first and work our way down.

Unfortunately this and other sites are currently loss-leaders.  This means that they dont make enough money to cover their cost of operation.  We are hoping and praying that one day the sites will become the primary source of income, but today is not that day.

You may wonder why I would continue to run something like this when it costs so much to operate.  I do it because overall it is cheaper and more practical to learn by experience that to pay for the many classes it would take learn the same thing.  Since I work for a high end hosting company, what better way to keep my skills ahead of the game than to impliment my own.

Currently we do NOT resell hosting.  We host our own projects.  I currently own almost 70 domains (Soon to be selling or releasing some to cut costs).   We do not compete with my employer on ANY level.  In fact, if I ever get the income to move the servers to their datacenter I probably will because I like their processes.

In the mean time, they run in my little datacenter.  We have battery backup, we have backups, we have a genset.  We dont have multiple ISP connections. 

We are looking into some colocation options, but can only move on those if they are cost effective (ie. they reduce our costs and dont add to them).  We have some options that are looking promising.

We are continuing to research and find ways to cut costs.  Since a number of the websites we host are religious, it is part of our tithing.  This means that shutting everything down will not cut the costs, those monies would need to be redirected.  This site is one of the few secular sites on the server. 

Your use of the site and its features helps.  Please start a blog.  Write a paper.  Be interactive.