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The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms.

The Potter's House
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The was a great potter whose house is filled with many vessels of precious oil.  The oil of the vessels is ia constant state of change, being refined by catalysts to remove impurities.

Some of the vessels are are cracked, some are boken, Some are shiny and well decorated.  Some of the vessels are leaking oil and the oil is becoming lost.  The state of the vessels has no direct relationship to the quality of the oil or its state of refinement.

Some times the potter moves the vessels from one shelf to another.  Sometimes the potter moves the vessels across the room.  Sometimes he moves them to another room.  Sometimes he does this to seperate oils that are harmful to each other.  Sometime he does this because they are helpful.Only the potter know why or how.  The oil in the vessels only reacts to the potters work.

But all the vessels dwell within the potter's house.