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Progressing with the Farm
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Well... I've gotten some feedback from people regarding the farm move.  Most are sad tht our situation is forcing the loss of our home, but glad we have an alternate place to go to.

I sat most of the day yesterday with a phone in my hand trying to decide what to tell the mortgage company.  We are 2 months behind right now, the current payment was due on the 1st, it is now late.  I have a stack of utility bills that seems to keep growing and food supplies are running low.

(You know it just dawned on me that with a little rephrasing I could turn this whole story line into an adventure book - perhaps even a romance or more likely a comedy... I hope not a tragedy)I never did call the mortgage company.  Instead I went for additional counsel among close friends.  I think we are all on the same page as things are going.  We discussed the "Obama martgage restructure", but then we remembered that it was not that long ago that alot of banking laws changed and even more under the new economic bills.  That had us concerned that if we went with the restructure and it didn't work, we would be in a far worse legal situation.

Plus based on current income and projected income over the next 2 years, it is unlikely that we wouldbe able to hold onto the house for more than another 12 months.

So our choice is allow the house to be foreclosed now, with a move in about 90 days and dump what would have gone into the mortgage into the farm, or move in a year with very little money available to get the farm ready and an unsure legal position as the economic laws change.

Either way we lose the house.  So we must look at our children and make a plan that is best for them.  After about 7hrs of introspection and another 4hrs of discussion of options and repurcussions we decided to go with the shorter timeline.

I still have to call the bank, but at least we have a timeline we can plan with now.  I will probably call them later this month as the mortgage reaches the 90 day mark.  The banks have indicated that it will take them about 60days to complete foreclosure and we estimate that it will take them at least another 30days to get a move order in place.  That means being at the farm by the end of August.  We have the summer to prepare and get all of our proverbial ducks in a row.

The kids are supportive, the family is supportive, most of our friends are supportive. Some former friends are laughing and mocking - but we on't care because we wanted to get away from them anyway.

For some reason, and we cannot put our finger on it, we have all been feeling this inner voice that says "GET OUT OF TOWN"... Mayby it is all the media stuff.  Not sure, but for some reason we are feeling very strongly taht if we dont move on this now, later will be too late.

So ahead we go with out plans... Next week will be ground prep week... Still have to get one of the burned mobile homes moved out of the way.  Plus we need to get a spot cleared for my son's inlaws who are also planning on coming with.  Lots of work and few resources.  But I've earned some time off so we are goign to try to maximize the effectiveness of it all.

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Pregress is moving along

We worked with our realestate agents the other day.  Short-sale on our current home is moving along.  They anticipate having an investor in a couple of weeks.  We will need to move about 60days later.  We are really going to miss this place and I am not looking forward to the long commute.  However, we have not been able to make a mortgage payment in 5 months now and find ourselves still going from paycheck to paycheck.

After paying Bills due in the beginning of July, there is no money left.  We are eating out of the pantry most of the time.. I had a potato last night with garlic butter and hot peppers.

As we get closer to the move we are starting to pack.  We have acquired about 150 packing boxes from some friends.  Those will go a long way in staging the move.

Currently we have one storage unit that we are renting to put stuff in, but it is only 10x10.  Rent on that costs about $100/mo.  I found a 40' storage container that I can rent for $125 per month.  The container will be placed at my land where I am going to need it anyway.  This should help alot as the storage unit we are using now is almost full and we've barely begun to stage.  I can buy the storage container for $3000 with 50% down and about $125/mo.  We are trying to find a way to do that as it would be better for us to own it that rent it as we have found that these containers can be used for alot of things and will help with some of our other goals on the farm.

After all the rain we had, I was worried about the foundation pad wou had placed.  I went there on Friday to move some porches and it was solid as a rock.  Almost as good as concrete.  I was suprised.  I think I may use that same rock in my driveway as a foundation for the chip rock to put on top. 

I need to cut one tree down at the end of the drive wayto allow room for the house movers to get around the corner.  I hope to do that later this weekor next.  Other than that, they can deliver the house and set it as soon as they can get it scheduled.

Also, the rain has made me re-mow a bunch.  But, to mow all 14ac takes a few days and that will probably have to wait until I can get on sight.

We are planning the modifications to the house too:

1. Full-length covered porch (Concrete) to be screened in later
2. 10x12 Pantry addition off of the kitchen

Doing these two myself puts them in a reasonable cost catagory, but there is no cash today for it.  Doesn't matter as the house isn't onsite yet anyway.

Plus once the house is placed onsite we have to repair floors, bathrooms and kitchen.  Lots of work.  Hopefully, as we move into the fall, utility bills will drop and we can make some financial progress before the short-sale closing.

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Foundational work

The work is progressing nicely.  We had the gravel truck come and deliber base rock for hte foundation.  He got stuck.. Crushed the water line and the septic pipe...   He did leave us 25tons of gravel, but it looks like we need another 15 tons...

We will need to relocate the damaged pipes and mark them again.  Except for the 100degree temps, not an impossible job.  Would be easier with a backhoe, but I have not been able to gain access to one at a reasonable rate or price.

Driving the tractor is quite an exercise in itself.  I have more pulled muscles and sunburn than I thought I would have had after leveling the rock that was brought.

Below is a video of basicly where we are now and me riding off on the tractor to grade the driveway more.  This drive way was not even recognizable 3 weeks ago.


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3 days of work...And we're exhausted

Well, we've been at the farm for 3 days working our tails off to prep the foundation for the new home.    We've removed one of the burned mobile home frames, located water and septic inlets.  There is still a lot of debri.. We've been removing debri by hand and although we are making progress, it is slow going..

We replaced intake manifold on the tractor, but found we must rebuild the carburator and sediment filter.  Also, we found the fuel tank full of rust - it must be cleaned or replaced.  We took off the top front half of the tractor and brought it back with us...

We ruined 2 pair of shoes, got sun burned, and muscles that I forgot existed are all aching...

Today we are resting and doing light work where we are currently living to recoupe for work on Thursday.

We are hopeful that we can get gravel for the foundation delivered next Friday..  Of course that will depend on my schedule at work and how much work we can get done in the 2 days preceding Friday.

Last communication with the house moving company was delivery in the end of May or beginning of June...  We are running out of time to get everything ready, but it tells me that my estimates of how long this would take were right on the money.

Praying for good weather so the ground does not get too soft on us and we dont have to work in the rain.

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