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Putting on Airs in front of G-d
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I was born jewish to jewish parents of jewish parents and so on.....  But I did go to public school  and was surrounded at least to some extent by Christianity.....  One of my step mom's was a christian (though not highly practicing).....  Over the years I've made a number of friends (well at least acquaintances) and have met people of varying religious beliefs - Christian, Jewish, Muslim(?),  Messianic, Netzri, Amish/Mennonite, etc....

What does this all have to do with  what I am writing....   Probably not a thing.....The thing I've noticed is that so often, regardless of religious belief  there  is this tendency to put on airs  and be (or at least pretend to be) outwardly perfect.  It seems to be more and more about  how perfect you are on the outside.  How many rules you uphold in front everyone,  How many blessings, liturgies, prayers, etc you know, How many people you've witnessed to (like a tally system), Whether or not you always speak with love and never loose your temper, That your speech is always perfect and you never let a swear word slip....  I could go on....  It seems to be more about how a person is on the outside what they show to the world  and yes outwardly appearances can often times be an indicator of the inside.....

But isn't it about G-d?  However you choose to believe, However you practice your faith - Isn't it about HIM  and not about putting on airs and being perfect.  Aren't the pure of heart (among others) those that give completely and without expectation without regard to their own needs, those that feel another's pain  as if it is there own? - Does it really matter if that person is always perfect?  If that person slips up and swears?  Or yeslls at someone because they are hurt and angry?

Why does it seem that to be a religious person or a G-dly person or whatever you have to be perfect in all ways ----- and if your not then well your just not good enough for G-d and move aside for those who are????  ----  WHY??????  If that is the kind of person G-d was really looking for then we'd all be in a heap of trouble cause guess what  we all got our faults  and  all that and G-d can see every single one  even when we put on airs and act all perfect.  So yeah  I can do all the stuff I need to do (and yes I should), but does dong that automatically make me a G-dly person?  No,  it is the inner person - the heart, the soul (nefesh) the deepest part of us that many times only G-d truly knows  that decides if a person is a good person.  Not all the outwardly stuff that anyone can do.


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