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Site for Sale
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This site: is for sale

$7,378,563 USD

The current site could use some work, it has alot of capability. I'll agree that the platform and build may not be the most ideally suited for the target group the domain appears to go after.  However, it is my site and I have worked on it for a very long time and written hundreds of pages of articles for it. 

If you want it, and think it is either competing with you or you believe the domain could be redeveloped into the next MySpace, Facebook, Digg, or StumbleUpon, then this is my price.

The price must be paid by cashier's check and confirmed transfer of funds at my bank.

What will you get?  You will get the database, the code currently running on the site as configured a the time of sale and the domain name transferred to your name.  You will be responsible for setting the site up on your own servers and redirecting DNS.  Current Alexa ranking is posted on the front page.  As of 1/1/2010 the site is using Pay per Click advertising and affiliate advertising for monetizing.  The trick here is traffic, the more the better.

For some people this is petty cash and hobby money.  For me it is a life changing experience.  For some corporations they spend this much on the annual office party.  For me, I have 7 children that will go to college.

So.  I place this domain for sale so that my life will take new direction and my family will have new opportunities that would otherwise never be realized.

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