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Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.

Vote for ME as President!
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Really!  It is less than 30 days until the election.  Write me in: Eric C Sandquist Sr....

Born a US Citizen, lived my whole life here. 

I've traveled abroad on a very limited basis.

I am pro-Israel, pro-life, I am pro keeping my money in my pocket and your's in yours!  I am pro-earning wages, and then keeping it!

I've worked in many professions and understand how business operates.

I've been broke, I had some money.

I have "7", YES! SEVEN children!  All with the same wife - whom I am still married to.

I actually read my Bible.  I've actually spent some time studying it in its original languages - although I would like to be able to spend more.

I actually do NOT have a socialist or fascist agenda!  Let those that fail in business go out of business.  Why should you and I have to fix their screw up?

Sure it'll hurt the economy, but it's going to hurt anyway!  There is alot more bad debt out there than a few just mortgages!  That is only a drop in the bucket.

The Presidency is the leader of the US military, a primary point of contact in world affairs as a result.   The President is a stopgap to prevent Congress from running away with the bank.  He/She is NOT King of the Americas - the way the job is being treated. People should read & understand the US Constitution and learn what the role really is.  It wouldn't hurt to understand what "Rights" are declared there either.

I have NO practical experience in governmental politics.  But based on what I've seen in governmental politics, That's probably a good thing.  I do have experience in family politics, and religious politics.  I really hate politics.

Let's face it:  McKane's voting record makes him almost a Democrat.  Obama's record makes him a socialist.  Both have leanings toward fascism and socialism in their voting records and agendas - and that is just the ones they talk abot.

Obama has a history in Islamic teachings, and his "Christian" leanings were entirely racist - until it was no longer politically expediant to be associated with either group.

McKane?  I have no idea where he is religiously..

You may say seperation of church and state, but that is not possible and you know it.  Your moral compass is based on your "faith".  If you have no faith, you have no moral compass.  If you have a destructive faith full of hate and anger, well... we know where that leads...

It is unlikely that I would do a worse job than either of these two.  In fact, I'll take Sarah Palin as a running mate.  I think she probably will do a good job and her advise would come in handy.

I have no budget to campaign with. Like most of the country I am barely surviving on what I have.  Like many, I am barely holding onto my house.  I could use the new job.

So vote for me.  It'll be different.  I could use the raise alot more than McKane or Obama.  I certainly couldn't do any worse. 

Just write me in... 

For those that don't realise it, the Electoral College's votes are the only ones that really count for this.  The popular vote may have some influence on them, but they can vote any way they want - and often do.  

So throw your votes to me.  Let the electoral college choose their leader, let the people choose one of their own! Then we will kno wif the Electoral College follows the will of the people or their own.

People, this is important.  It may seem I am being funny.  It may seem that I am mocking the office.  I am not.  We are on the virge of failing this democracy before we even get to 300 years.

You may think, "But we are the strongest nation in the world!".  So we have been.  And we are falling from that position EVERYDAY!  All great democracies that EVER existed failed.  WHY?  Because the people realized they could vote themselves the treasury - and did.  That is EXACTLY what our government has been moving towards.  It is absolute socialism.  And eventually, we will have a nice little military dictatorship to go with it.  700BILLION for a bail out?  On what planet does that even sound like a reasonable thing to do? 

Hey, If I fail to make my mortgage - can I get a bail out too?  I mean, really, I took a chance on a contract, it didn't turn out.. I should get a bail out too! besides mine is older than their's, so I should get mine first.

I get tired of this socialist crap.  On top of that they want to "federalize" things like healthcare, the oil industry, mortgage banking, and more...  Hmmm.. Seems like another famous leader did the same thing in his country just before WWII.  I think his name was Hitler and they called it fascism.

Since the ministry of truth got involved:

Socialism: Everyone deserves a home and health care - even if their here illegally.
Fascism: The government can run these businesses better, and their doing it to "protect" you...The Mafia offers protection... I wonder if this is the same kind of thing?!?!?

Do you know what the Federal Reserve (which is NOT run by our government) gets for collateral when they loan our government monies?  Us.  Our homes, our businesses, our equity, our labor, our children, our future.

What is our deficit now?  And their trying to raise it another trillion!?!?!?... What happened to all those "balanced budget" bills and legislation that was passed?  Not one person has said a single thing abotu ANY of it.  There were laws about this that pre-exist this bill and the current leadership is violating them!

The whole mess stinks.  It is crap and it is rolling down hill..  If we keep electing leaders who do the same thing, we will keep getting crap.

How could the president be responsible for the economic crisis we are in?  The Democrats controlled the house and Congress for most of Bush's terms - they wrote, approved and managed the laws that led to this.  The President may have signed off on them, but his accuser's are the ones that started it.  Shoot, he probably didn't even really read it when he signed it but relied on his advisers to read it.

A vote for me is a vote away from them.

I am Eric C Sandquist Sr, and I approve this message.