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Welcome to the Third World

For decades we've been told that our country is going to be like the many third world countries.  We had always perceived that as a warning to guard our freedom and to do something to prevent this sort of "change".  The reality was that was and is a preparation for what was coming.  It was a goal.

Not only has our economic status declined, but the economic status of much of the world has increased.  Who would have thought there would come a day when the United States would borrow money from China? 

Jobless rates are almost at 10%.  Yet our current plitical leadership says the economy is improving and jobless rates are getting better.  Really?  Well, if that is the case, then I think we have different goals.

As stated in other blog entries in this forum, as a democracy, we have voted our selves the treasury.  This has always killed a democracy.  In fact, our current Presitend and Congress are committing treason against us by spending money they don't already have and borrowing from other nations to do it.  It doesn't matter what the humanitarian reasons are, it is wrong.  You cannot give aid and benefit to others by borrowing to do it as it only inverts the need.  How much longer before we are pleading with other countries to provide us aid?  And will they give it when the time comes? 

The President of theUnited States, Barack Obama, spent much of his life living in thrid world nations.  This is fairly well documented.  There is even question as to whether he is a "natural born citizen" born in a foreign land of two american citizens or born in the United States.  There is question as to whether he attended any American universities and received aid as a foreigner in doing so.  All records pertaining to these matters have been sealed, thus amlifying the suspicion.

One thing that is not in despute.  He attended and spent much of his youth growing up in other countries.  Most of the infomation appears to indicate what we would call "Thrid World" countries, and most of them with Islamic rulership or some varient combination of Islam and democracy.

So what you might say... I'll tell you so what:  Barack Obama learned much about government while growing and attending school in those countries.  He learn from watching and studying local leadership that many would call dictators - or military rulers.  He has seen, as a matter of common place, dissidents "removed" to quiet the voice of opposition.  He has seen the "ultimate authority" that these rulers carry.  He has seen how they instruct the rest of government on what to do, it does as it is told.

To my knowledge no President has EVER demanded that congress produce, on a deadline, specific legislation.  They have requested, but not demanded - as this president has.  The job of President in the United States is not one that makes law.  He has a right of VETO, unless Congress has a 2/3 super majority.  He can approve.  He can tell them what he would like to see.  But his office does NOT create law.

- until now

The office of President was never in the United States considered to be ultimate authority.  This was reserved for the member states.  In fact there are constitutional provisions guaranteeing this.  The President does not have authority to monitor private communication and travel without warrant approved by the Judicial branch of United States Citizens within our own country.

- until now

To my knowledge no president has spent as much treasury money on personal travel and travel of his family for the sole purpose of entertainment as President Barak Obama.  In fact, he has spent millions on these acts in his first few months in office. 

- until now

Never has ANY president taken so much disregard for proper protocol and etiquette in regard to the greeting of, interaction with and gifting to leaders of other nations.  From self grandizing gifts, to acts that demonstrate a submissive relationship.  Never has a President refused for himself and his family to be instructed in these matters and chose to do as they felt right in their own eyes - without regard to how that would be received by foreign leaders, foreign peoples, and our own peoples.  Never has a President given gifts of self grandizement - such as a collection of personal speeches.

- until now

Never has a United States President garnered so much backing that people are giving oaths of allegance to him, instead of the country he is supposed to be leading.

- until now

Never has one man done so much to our country in such a short amount of time with so little outcry from the general population.  Sure there are pockets here and there, but overall the country sits silent - even where they disapprove.

- until now

Never has a United States President created so many Czar roles that control so many aspects of civilian life and business.  Czars answer to the President.  In this act alone a President seizes control over areas of life and business that he has no defined authority over.

President Barak Obama is running this country EXACTLY like a third world dictator.  He is doing as much as he can as fast as he can for one of two reasons:

  1. He doesn't believe he has much time in office and is trying to maximize what can do as fast as he can and he is trying to maximize his family's experience while he can.
  2. He believes the offce is like that of other nations and is trying to establish it as such to ensure his continuance in the office and the ability to supress those who would openly object.

In his campaign he spoke of many things that he wanted to do.  He spoke of change, but never defined what change he had in mind.  People just assumed it was the same kind of change they had in mind.  He made many promises and expressed desire to invoke and create law regarding many things.  The only program that has as not invoked, yet, is the National Youth Volunteer program that he spoke of and the non-military security force.  Perhaps those programs were too close to what the Nazis did to invoke as yet. Although, has only served for 9 months as of this writing.

The President of the United States is the highest ranking military office of the land.  He is the top ranking officer of all military branches and directs them all.  The President is the top diplomat to other nations.  He represents us in communication and relationship to other nations.  The president is a throttle to prevent Congress from passing into law that would not be beneficial to the citizens and stability of this country. The President is NOT the creator of that law.  The President has a very defined compensation package of what he receives for working in this office.  The office also carries with it certain budgets for household operations.  The office carries certain perks for travel while tied to diplomatic or military actions.   The compensation and budget is not unlimited.

Above all, the Office of President of the United States is an office of SERVICE.  It is a SERVANT role to the people of the United States - who are the sovereign rulers of this nation as defined by the constitution.

It is NOT the dictitorial, ultimate authority, ruling of a third world nation.

Perhaps this is why the office is to ONLY be held by a "natural born citizen", as the intention is that the person who holds this office should have a full understanding of what the office is for and its limitations versus how other nations operate.  Although not stated, it is probably best that a person in this office be raised in the Untied States and schooled in the United States to ensure that they have training in how the U.S. constitution works.