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"Americans grew tired of being thought to be dumb by the rest of the world,
so they went to the polls and removed all doubt."

What should we prepare for?
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The country has become polarized in different directions.  Many people don't see anything unusual going on.  They believe that they will continue to be able to go to the store and get their daily provisions through out their life time.  They believe that if something really bad were going to happen, then the government or media would all warn them and provisions would have been made to help them through it. 

Other people see a great deal going on that they don't believe should be going on.  From meteorological and atmospheric phenomenon to tectonic activities.  From foreign wars to domestic war.  From health care to life cycle management.  From over population to cultural stabilization.  From technological collapse to technological epiphany.Some people accept that G-d is coordinating this and it will all end soon at the coming of a Savior.  Others believe there is no god and for those that see something wrong: It is the result of the ambitions of a few prestigious families or blood lines.

We watched as whole races and ethnic groups are being targeted for extermination or cleansing.  Whether it be Jews, Arabs, Caucasians, Blacks, or Latinos - or in some cases subsets of these racial/ethnic groups.  In some cases, groups will target their own subsets.  We've seen this in Africa with ethnic cleansing between various tribes.  We've watched the people of the Middle East wipe out other clans over blood line or religious faith interpretations.  Islam, Bhudism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and more have done it to each other over time and within their own rankings in attempts to wipe out blasphemy.

In the end, you can watch the ruling families pulling the strings to reduce population sizes in certain regions to manageable sizes.  You can watch as newly found local resources are removed from one nation to empower another.  You can watch as any nation that chooses not to participate in the global fiat currency system finds themselves the target of the rest of the participating nations.  You can watch a leaders that were hailed as heroes one day are the devil incarnate the next.  The true rulers never get touched, rarely directly participate, and always profit - no matter who wins.

Watch as those nations that are the hardest to control are reduced to rubble.  They are kept as 3rd world countries with little hope of growing out of it.  This is not because they are too stupid to learn.  This is not because of lack of natural resources.  This is because they are too violent to allow to exist in large numbers with technology available that would threaten the rest of the world.

Watch as other nations passively go about their daily cycles - not even realizing that they are already slaves and only live in an illusion of freedom.  They are the manufacturers.  The war machine.  The tools that help the rulers keep everyone in their station.

We all have stations that we are expected to stay in.  Every once in a while, someone will step up to a new level.  It is rare.  When a nation gets too prosperous, too many people begin moving in the new stations.  Then the nation is brought into economic difficulties.  The result is that people are put back into their stations, and it is more difficult to move up.

You might wonder why all this is happening.  Certainly there is only so much power that a person could ever want.  Certainly, there comes a point in wealth building where it just doesn't matter any more.  Certainly, there is a logical reason why all these rulers, these elite families, are doing all this perceived evil.

There are Biblical prophecies that warn us of what will happen at the end of the ages.  There are historical archeological artifacts that indicate similar things to happen at the end of the ages.  There modern writings and medieval writings that say similar things.

Although this author sees clearly the Biblical providence in all that is happening, we will address this particular area from a secular perspective.  We are doing this to give an understanding as to why much of what you see going on is happening.

Whether it be by prophetic guidance, angelic interaction, alien visitations, or scientific observation, the human ruling families of this world believe there is a coming disaster that will nearly wipe out all life on the planet.  Some believe it is due to human activities on this world destroying the environment - or perhaps that is just a smoke screen to hide the reality.  Some believe that over-population is the problem - or perhaps that is also a smoke screen.

There are contingency plans for these families and some serfs that will be needed to rebuild and maintain continuity of civilization after what ever event occurs completes its cycle.  Most are unaware of the many underground sites that exist all over the planet, although that ignorance is by choice as they are well documented.

What are we currently seeing?  There are many things going on simultaneously.  There are wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse places.  There are diseases, gluttony, famines, drought and floods.  All these things going on at once and more.

Many nations governments are restructuring.  Many freedoms enjoyed for generations as basic rights are being converted to privilege, and then banned. 

On a global scale we are seeing population reductions going on.  Not just population reductions, but a structured move to ensure that those populations are not able to repopulate,  Mass sterilizations are occurring.  An examination of the MSDS data sheets for most ingredients in most immunizations shows potential damage to the reproductive system.  Additionally, documentation is often included indicating that there is no evidence to support that the immunization is safe or effective.  But they are promoted by the CDC and WHO.  They are pushed by governments world wide.  If someone does get an immediate reaction to one of the immunizations, it is usually classified as an unrelated event.  If it is a delayed reaction. it will never be linked.  These immunizations are being distributed globally.

Add to this the side effects that are now coming out in multigenerational studies with lab animals with GMO foods and their effects on health and fertility.  GMO foods in the USA are not required to be labeled and are treated as safe.  You are often ingesting GMO products in most prepared foods.  rDNA within those GMO products may be causing genetic damage with increasing rates as more of the products are consumed.  This is being done mostly in westernized Euro countries - including the USA, Canada, Mexico, parts of S. America, Australia, etc.

Contraceptives also are a large part of this agenda - this is the reason it was included in the recent US Healthcare reformation law.

End result - sterility.  Fewer new babies.   This is a global agenda. 

Abortions fall into this agenda as well. As an interesting side note to abortions - whether you have had one, are considering one, support them, or hate them:  Anciently, people would sacrifice their babies so that they would have blessings from their gods for the coming year(Drunk.  This is nothing different from the reasons people get abortions today.  There is a measurable financial burden that comes with raising children.  By sacrificing that innocent life, that burden is mediated.  The financial, emotions, social burdens of raising the child are gone - erased.  Most people won't judge the former mother harshly, even if their against abortion, for more than a few months.  The sacrifice of an innocent, a virgin if you will, has granted a pardon for all that would have followed had that innocent lived.  The terminology may have changed.  The social perspective may have changed.  But the cause and effect remain the same.  Women sacrifice their children to gods so they can prosper in their own selfish desires.

--- and in the end, they reduce population counts.

So we addressed, on a general level what is going on to reduce the population.  The reason for the reduction has been explained above to some extent.  Whether it be a control issue, resource availability issue, a genetic cleansing issue, or something else: It is occurring.

We also are seeing massive increases in military spending and technology.    We are seeing military weapons testing, although most don't recognize it.  When examining Geo-engineering projects - notice they are run by the military - NOT the USDA.  The military is all about weapons.  Whether for attack or defense - usually both.  The use of weather as a weapon has been banned by international treaty - but this does not stop well meaning individuals from running experiments and developing those types of weapons - for a time when they are needed in the future.  Geo-engineering is NOT about getting rain to drought stricken crops, or to stop flooding.  No, it is more likely to be used to trigger drought and flooding.

The development of the star-wars defense program under Reagan was officially ended.  Have you ever seen a defense program actually end?  No, they go dark.  This is especially true if continued development or deployment might cause an international issue.  It is also true if significant advances are made in technology that would make a formidable space based weapons platform.  So, are those weapons meant to target earth?  Or something out there?  Good question... No answer.  Probably both.  You can see an example of one being used the day of 9/11/2001.  Watch the videos as iron disintegrates as is starts to fall.  The video footage is readily available on YouTube, a simple search will yield multiple examples.  It will not be identified as a space based weapons system - but it is pretty obvious that is at least part of what happened there that day.  Only 12% of the buildings mass was in the debris pile at the bottom.  The rest?  Gone.  Poof.  The reason 9/11 is so hard to figure out is because there is an amazing cover story with its own agenda.  There are also at least 3 other agendas beyond the cover story.

People wonder about FEMA and DHS.  What is with all the coffins?  What is with the detention facilities?  What is with the massive amounts of ammo purchases - with rounds that are banned by the Geneva convention for use in combat of military targets?  You get a two fold punch here.  Civilians are limited by supply and higher prices due to preferred government fulfillment contracts.  So, civilians have less ammo to defend themselves with - whether it be from each other, an invading army of another nation or world, or from our own governments.  The government has a massive amount and it may need it to defend government infrastructure and resources in the event of a massive civilization impacting event.  Who knows, that ammo may be made available to the surviving civilian population down the road if needed.  Coffins?  Well, quite simply their job is to prepare for emergencies where thousands to millions of people could die.  That may be a meteor strike, an influenza outbreak, a foreign invasion, an alien invasion, storms, tidal waves... Of course they have coffins.  That is expected.  Are they planning a mass extermination?  Probably not, but if a massive event were planned or expected, then they should be prepared.  FEMA has even told civilians that they should have several months worth of food stored and a source of clean water.  They have instructed some to prepare as if there were a zombie apocalypse - because no matter what happens it is that level of preparation that may save you life in the end.

Remember, the ruling families don't want everyone dead.  They want them at manageable levels.  They want a functional society that can continue its technological advances in the end.  You simply cannot kill everyone and pull that off - even if you believe your DNA is superior to that of your serfs.

By now your very frustrated.  How do I know this?  Because I've provided no direct link documentation to primary sources in this whole discussion.  Perhaps there is no evidence to support these outlandish accusations.  Perhaps there is massive evidence.  It matters not, because either you believe this already or you probably never will.  The human mind has a great capacity for marginalizing evidence that does not fit a normalized view of the world.  There are massive amounts of data that can be dismissed.  The problem is there is so much of it.  Without the internet medium, most of it would never be known.

One more matter that I have not touched on as yet.  I have not touched on it as it is far more outlandish that anything presented thus far.  Has anyone ever wondered why the space program continues to put explosives under their collective a$$es to get off this world?  With all that advances that have occurred in EVERY technology, this seems to be a stalling point.  In the amateur communities there have been developed multiple methods of getting lift off this world.  To think that the US government has not been exploring every means of propulsion - no matter how outlandish - is foolish.  What we see in the media is the "show".  Unless your involved in it, you will likely never see the real program.  That is probably a good thing as it is likely a life commitment.  You should see what happens to the photos of Mars when you run a filter to remove the "orange" - it is amazing.  Looks like trees, lakes, grasses, and blue skies.  NASA at one time had a low altitude drone they wanted to send - prop driven.  It was on their web site for a few weeks.  I think they realized the mistake and have removed it as the drone they had listed could not fly if the atmosphere there is really as they say.  If it is not as they say, then that lends to many more questions and some actual answers to other questions that cannot be answered currently.  There is a marginalized report out there that has been copied onto YouTube called Alternative 3, there is a book by the same name.  View it, then discard it or remember it.  It will probably not fit into the tightly wound framework of the reality that we've been told to accept.  However, if you watch - you will see many things that are going on that fit well within that new scenario.

Incidentally, none of this marginalizes nor goes against Biblical prophecy.  In fact, the prophecies recorded there closely support much of this - barring a few details that don't exist in the written text.

I don't normally write on this topic.  For a variety of reasons I feel is is unsafe to promote these things too much.  If many people thought that there would be a great civilization ending disaster in the near future, anarchy would follow.   It is not that I am overly concerned for the wealthy elite in this world.  I am no more concerned about them than they are for me.  However, like them, we need the infrastructure and civilization to continue as is.  If it collapses, then all preparation and defensive actions that could have been prepared for are done.  You want to stock  food, ammo, clothing, toiletries, and other goods for perhaps several years of destruction.  You simply cannot do that without a supportive infrastructure.  So, now is your chance.  Prepare now, or hope that the FEMA camps will have room and will not simply enslave you upon your arrival.

For years your have heard that the end is near.  Well, it is. One day we will all know exactly how near - but on that day it will be too late.







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Only scratching the surface

Unfortunately, this really does not touch the surface of the identified topics.  That may be one reason why no one writes comprehensively on these topices.  There is just too much. 


For instance, we have not even touched on transhumanism and the efforts being made there to normalize the modification of the human being down to the genetic level.  We haven't touched as to why or how that is being done.  It is a fascinating topic.

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