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A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.

What is the World Coming too
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A 8-10year old special ed child is arrested 5 different times for repeatedly destroying classroom property and attacking other students & staff;  An 8y/o girl is suspended for telling another student (at recess) that she "Loves Jesus".  And many years ago I had learned that some kids were suspended because they were playing either "cops & robbers" or "cowboy & indians"  with small piece of branch or something they had found on the ground (I'm sure that that was not the only incident of that kind of thing happening)...... (sorry I don't have the exact sources of the above stories at my fingertips at the moment).
Young children (not even in their teens) are getting suspended & arrested for the stupidest & craziest things.  Ok so  the child attacking other students & staff maybe not so stupid & crazy, but 5 times  in a child that young - really? - wouldn't you think that someone in their might think hmmmmm  this is abnormal?  In the case of the special ed child I do not know if the child was on medication or not.  It does seem that as a society we are quick to put kids on medications just cause they don't fit a predetermined norm....  And in those who actually are in need of medication (I realize some may think that that would never be the case) very little (if any) thought is given to how those meds will affect them  (especially pre-teens & teens - hormonwise).  Also not proper monitoring.  In some cases those who truly do need to be on some sort of medication to safely function in life are overlooked while other kids are being put on medication just cause they are unable to sit in a chair for hours and end up  bouncing off walls cause all that energy has to go somewhere.

And the whole religion thing.  A young girl getting arrested just cause she happens to mention to another child that she "Loves Jesus"  -- ok so how does that cause harm ?  WOWWW!!!!  I won't say that words are meaningless  - there is power in words (but that is a long long story), but jut sharing a belief with someone????  Now how is that harmful in anyway?  No one ever said the listening person has to agree.  What's next?  Children getting suspended for saying anything related to religion or a higher being or power (ohh wait isn't that already beginning?)  Not just the children in schools who have to worry, but all of us.  Soon no one will be able to speak of any type of religious related stuff  without fear of persecution, prosecution, arrestment, etc.  In fact in some areas this has already begun.

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