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Why are you surprised?

Major Nidal Malik Hasan killed several young soldiers on a military base in Texas.  This  was initially presented by our media as apossible act of "terrorism".

Now let's examine that idea in a more logical framework:

We are in MULTIPLE foreign nations.  We are engaged in a declared WAR against the umbrella tag of TERRORISM.  Within this declared war are several identified targets and some unidentified targets.    This has resulted in the over throw of at least two governements, not that they were good governments, that we had at least some part in establishing in the past.  We then established new governments.  We have specifically targeted military installations and training camps, military personnel, and political entities  during this process.  We have specifically avoided the targeting of religious institutions despite knowledge that these locations are where the military personnel are seeking refuge, support, and encouragement.

The enemy is known to have trained and placed military personnel within our borders in what we call "terrorist cells".  They are called terror cells because they scare us, and they should.  They recruit from our own people those who may sympathise with their cause - usually seeking those with similar or identical belief systems.  Those people are then identified by us as terrorists also when something happens and they are identified.  We used to call these recruits "traitors" and the punishment for being a traitor was swift and definitive.

In reality this is a tactic that our CIA and other services have used for many many

CIA Special Activities Division

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years.  We called them spies.  Every once in a while, spies would kill someone or blow something up in the country where they were placed.  They often employed the use of local populace to gather intelligence and perform whatever task it was that they were directed to do.  Most often, they were gathering intelligence.

The reality is this:

We are at war.  Their soldier are behind enemy lines, ie HERE.  Their soldiers are recruiting traitors.  Yes, that's what we used to call people who even gave refuge to the enemy.  They are traitors.

Those that we call terrorists in in our country are soldiers fighting a war for their "god".  I do not know why we cannot label these things as they really are.  When captured they need to be treated under the rules of war, not by our civil system.  The civil courts do not apply in these matters.  Attempting to push these matters into civil courts only creates a legal scrambed egg as it confuses jurisdiction, ruling lawer for the soldier, sentencing, and more - let alone the media frenzy that goes with it.

We should not be surprised at attacks on our bases and political institutions - I mean really - we just blew up theirs. 

The dicotomy in which we operate is amazing.  It is no wonder that so much of th w orld is disgusted by us.  We are not using proper weights and measures.  We judge our own actions one way, then when there is a response, we judge their actions a different way.

I am not saying that I approve of ANYTHING these people did.  I am saying that it needs to be placed in the proper context.  

This is a war.  People need to stop viewing this a as civil matter or a simple misunderstanding that we can work out.  Those who join our enemy are traitors and they need to be judged under American law as American traitors.  Those who came here as enemies, need to be judged as soldiers under military law based on the rules of war.

War sucks.  It's time people grew up and understood that.  I'm sure there are many grandparents out there that can relate the reality of war to you - if they can stomach the memories.

We have never seen much war here on our soil.  Perhaps that is why we can't seem to put these acts in the proper context.  We are seeing some now, but it is not really that much.  Most of the battle still occurs thousands of miles away in a places most will never see.  What happens when it comes home?  What happens when the disgruntled teen down the street joins the ranks of the enemy on our own soil?

Why are we surprised that an enemy has taken the battle to our soil?  Why do we label it as terrorism?  Why not call an act of war what it is?  Why not label a traitor a traitor?


Arlington National Cemetery Graves (Burial Cri...

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War leads to several things.  It increases manufacturing as needs for supplies

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are increased.  This is relatively good for the economy.  War also leads to mothers crying for the loss of their children.  It leads to destruction of personal and public property.  It leads to the loss of family fortunes and inheritances that have taken decades to accumulate for people that just wanted to be left alone.  Eventually, it leads here.  Then we will get to experience what we have delivered to the rest of the world.  Some how, we are surprised and think that they aren't playing fair.  Fair? This is a war.  Start treating it like one and then maybe, just maybe, we can make some progress on it.









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