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Why Can't Sports Events be about Sports Events
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I'm not what you'd call an avid sports fan.  I mean I enjoy a good game here and there, but don't go out of my way to make sure I don't miss the all important game.  I certainly see nothing wrong with sports including the the big games like Rose Bowl or Super Bowl.  What does bother me is the extra-curricular activities (as it were) that surround major sports events.  I'm not saying that everyone who goes to these games engages or is even the type to engage in such activities.  Many are good people just out to have a good time with the "guys" or with their family.  The activities I'm speaking of is the out of control partying where the goal seems to be to see how drunk one can get and how stupid they can act.  I am by no means an anti-drinking person, but when we drink to excess (as is often done in relation to sports events - especially big ones) we lose our inhabitions and morals.   This leads to stupid & inappropriate actions & behaviors.....In addition to the whole encouragement to "have a good time" - translating, in this day and age, to "see how drunk you can get."  There is also  the idea that there should be stippers and lap-dancers to entertain as well.....  I could be wrong, but it seems that even the half-time cheerleading show is all about sexuality.

Yes, I'm sure that some of the strippers & lap dancers are seasoned women who have made the choice voluntarily and knowingly to engage in such activities.  But, sadly, there are also young girls (teens) who have run away from home, found them selves in bad situations and were either tricked or co-erced into doing such things.  Many of these may feel that there is no way out.

There has, for centuries, been prostitutes, strippers, lap-dancers, etc.  While I don't condone such activities on any level the thought of them being  (in some cases) innocent young girls just makes me cringe, makes me want to cry.

It is despicable to me to think that a young girl can be put into a situation where she would have to be involved in such activities.  To be ogled at and reached for, like some toy, by some drunken fool with no morals and no inhibitions.These days it can often be hard to tell just exactly how old a girl is.  I've known many girls who, if dressed the right way, could easily pass for being 18+ when in reality they are a mere 14-15 years old.  Yes some places claim to "protect there girls"  aka  the patrons are not allowed to touch, or even come near the girls nor are the girls allowed to go anywhere with anyone of the patrons --  but really is that always the case and how good is that protection.

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