When you need to talk, there are those that will listen

Things that make you go hmmm...

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 Not until they are being lined up to be executed will they believe you.

Why Must We Pretend
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We live in a world that I just don't understand.  Where being depressed or hyperactive (ADHD) is something that must be fixed with medication.  Where be outspoken  is a bad thing (unless you agree with the other person).  Where being different is unacceptble and being like everyone else to be accepted is the norm.  Why do we have to cover up our failures with  acts of being perfect.  Why do we have to pretend like we love when we hate?  Why do we have to act like everything is ok when we feel like we're falling apart?  Why do we have to act like we are strong when we are feeling weak?  Why do we have to feel bad about feeling bad about how our own lives are going because  "there's always people worse off"?  Why is it wrong to have a bad day  and want to be left alone  to cry and not have people assume you are an anti-social person with problems?


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