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5 Reasons Why Multi-Level-Marketers (MLM) Are So Successful in Top Tier - Direct Selling Businesses

Have you ever questioned why so many people attempt to start a career online and fail after only a short time, while others go on to make millions? Well there are some common themes.

So then I realised many people who are successful online have made it with the attributes they used when involved they were previously involved in Multi-Level-Marketing. Here I will outline those specific things that will help you become successful in another online business model - Top Tier Direct Selling.

Just to reminisce ... I was also previously involved in MLM and I was one of the many who thought "This is going to be the PERFECT business for me" ... But after I was coerced into joining by my husband, I soon discovered that what they were promoting was a VERY outdated business. I was pushed into leaving my baby at home with family and friends while I went to the same boring meetings night after night. It didn't take me very long to quit and look for something else. What I found was a few different Top Tier - Direct Sales businesses. The criteria to become successful was somewhat similar, but the steps to create money were far easier.

As with in any business, the key concept is to find a successful team or individual and copy them with consistent action.

The first key attribute Multi-Level-Marketers (MLM) have to help them become successful at Top Tier businesses is:

NO# 1 - SYSTEM People in MLM know about Systems and how to work them. They don't try and re-invent the wheel, they work their tail off and follow the System, which is great, but unfortunately for them - MLM Systems are very outdated.

NO# 2 - NETWORKING They realise the importance of a network. They like being part of a team and know there's an advantage of tapping into team resources.

NO# 3 - LEADERSHIP Multi-Level-Marketers realise the ones who do well are leaders, so even if they're not a leader - they study leaders and copy what they do. Learn leadership skills and your business will explode

NO# 4 - EFFORT MLM businesses and Network Marketing businesses are just that - A BUSINESS. Unfortunately they're not money trees that grow nice bills overnight. They take some consistent effort, but the rewards are great.

NO# 5 - DESIRE I cannot stress how important this is. If you don't have a real DESIRE and picture in your head or on your wall of what you want in business/life etc then there is no point in going further. Most people in MLM know this concept and when used in a Top Tier business it can propel your success beyond your imagination.

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