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Snake Venom For Arthritis

Dr. Nafthali Primor, Research and Development Manager of Shulov Institute for Sciences was the first researcher to propose snake venom as an effective natural pain relief for arthritis.

Dr. Nafthali Primor and his research team have discovered some powerful substances in the venom of diverse species of cobras, vipers, and rattle snakes. These can be effective as analgesics for debilitating pain due to several diseases, including cancer and particularly arthritis which usually sets off debilitating pain.

Snake Venom Use

Though Dr. Primor's research was the first official acknowledgement of the curative properties of snake venom, this idea has been popular through time. Long before Primor published his research, there were already reports of successful arthritis treatment through snake bites.

The first documented case was that of a 66 year old Englishman who suffered from chronic arthritis. After getting bitten by a snake, he announced on the BBC channel in 2002 that his finger joint pain was eliminated at least 3-4 weeks after getting bitten. Unfortunately, the pain returned shortly after, initially as a mild sensation for 2 months, but then coming back fully in the ensuing months. Eventually, the mystery of the "arthritis curing snake bite" were noticed by a number of people at that time.

Snake Venom and Dr. Nafthali Primor

Even at a young age, Dr. Nafthali Primor already showed a certain attraction to snakes. Primor soon because interested with the healing benefits of snake venom. This is perhaps why he was destined to ultimately uncover snake venom arthritis treatment methods.

Two decades ago, a Russian colleague by the name of Dr. Shulov told Dr. Primor that Russians have long used snake venom creams to manage aches and pains. This knowledge inspired Dr. Nafthali Primor to pursue the concept and do further research.

Snake Venom Methods for Arthritis Treatment

The first analgesic developed was the VeP-3, which was drawn from Palestinian Viper venom. Primor discovered that of the thousands of molecules found in snake venom, barely 4 to 5 molecules are actually poisonous. This means that about 99% of snake venom is non-poisonous and thus can be harnessed for numerous healing opportunities.

Dr. Nafthali Primor now intends to invent a snake venom pain relief salve to specifically treat arthritis pain. He mentions as an example a "super aspirin" drug developed by Merck & Company named "Aggrastat", which effectively prevents heart attacks and blood clots. This medication is also made of snake venom.

Currently, snake venom arthritis methods still have a long way to go. Researchers still devise new methods through which snake venom can be safely and effectively used for various medicinal purposes. Research efforts likewise aim to achieve a superlative cream that will completely eliminate arthritis. In the meantime, as the world awaits further discoveries relating to snake venom use, do not take chances with yourself by trying to get bitten by snakes.

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