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The World's Most Advanced Learn To Read Phonics Program!

ClickN' READ Phonics provides one hundred fun interactive reading lessons that children love! An Interactive learning to read program where children demonstrate learned skills.

Your child enjoys the challenge of responding correctly to move forward within a lesson and the program patiently re-teaches until the correct response is learned. Your child experiences the joy of self achievement using a learning to read program where answers are learned and not just given away by the program.

It is all online and you can log in from any country in the world. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Use the program at home, while visiting Grandparents or while traveling on vacation! No waiting for shipping and no software to install. No flash cards, video tapes, game pieces, CD's to keep track of or piles of worksheets.

Your child learns perfect English pronunciation because our learning to read program instructor speaks perfect English. A learning to read program that closely matches live expert reading tutor instruction.

Your child will learn the entire kindergarten to 3rd grade phonics curriculum based on the National Reading Panel research, the same research all school language arts curriculums are based on.

ClickN READ Phonics is the ONLY reading program that is guaranteed to teach your child to learn to read! Parents can use this beginning reading program with complete confidence that they are buying the best for those they love the most.

The program is used used worldwide by schools and homes in over 100 countries. A wonderful program for children ages 4 and up and adults learning to read. The only phonics product you will ever need to teach your child to read. It is also an excellent reading program for autism and dyslexia.

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