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Why Pay For Games In The Store When You Can Play The FREE ONLINE!

Nowadays most children and teenagers spend more time playing computer games than in playgrounds. The virtual enemies can be beaten as many times as one wants. Rain or shine, computer games can be played at any time. However, some parents are getting worried about the future of their children who get heavily drawn to the online computer games. While excessive addiction to the online games can be harmful for one's health and mental well-being, computer gaming has some positive sides to offer, too.

Children often get into the trap of pornographic websites unknowingly. When their parents restrict them from using the web they get more interested in the subject. Hence, it is advisable for a person to divert the attention of his kids to that of free online game. Some of these games are based on puzzle solving lessons and by playing these the reasoning and analytical abilities of children are improved significantly. This in a way helps in their education as well.

A parent needs to be selective and vigilant while picking games for their children. There are some games that contain violent and gory content. These are not suitable for the children's mindset. Earlier, the kids loved reading story books and fables. After the advent and growth of Internet their reading habit has taken a nosedive. Some online games are based on mythological stories and fables. They make use of 3D animated characters and have sound narration. By playing them, the kids obtain the same benefits of reading the books. This helps in enriching their imagination.

Board games have been around for a while but in recent times they have been revamped to give them a modern look and rapidly gaining popularity. Scrabble and Chess are hot favourites. Action games are popular amongst teenagers and adults alike. Some love the thrill of punching and kicking in the virtual world. Shooting games are gaining popularity as these days, you can just shoot about anything from well-know politicians to vegetables! The developers are only limited by their imagination when they come up with concept of some games.

Real life sports games which have a huge fan following like rugby, soccer, tennis, football, all now have online versions which are gaining popularity. Some of the games have the character look-alikes as opponents and is a huge drawcard for players. There are options to play single player or 2 player options.

The elderly are not forgotten and card playing online games and casino games are a huge drawcard for this group. There are online communities too where the elderly can play with players from all over the world from the comforts of their own home.

Strategy and adventure games have their own market. This group are advanced players and use critical thinking skills and have brilliant problem solving techniques to overcome these games they play. The games tend to take a few hours to complete and there are many levels. Most of these games have player forums where the players exchange ideas, share cheat codes and write up walkthroughs for those truly lost! With plenty of money spent here by developers, these games are truly spectacular.

By using a search engine and typing in free online games, there will be a treasure trove of games waiting. Parents can always do a finer search by entering free children online games. Happy Gaming!

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