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Outdoor Marriage: Don't Leave Out These Seven Issues

Having an outdoor marriage is a great way to celebrate that important moment in your life in a different way, whether you are ecologically aware, or a nature enthusiast, a lover of beaches, or even if you just want to say your vows under a clear sky, an outdoor wedding will be something to remember.

Still, there are several things that you need to consider as outdoor marriage is far from fail-safe. Lots can go wrong during an outdoor wedding, so you are advised to read this list carefully to avoid any trouble.

1) You should put the utmost care into ensuring that your guests will be comfortable before, during and after the ceremony. Of course, this applies especially to older guests, but you should also think about children, who could become unruly if bored. Don't forget to take the weather and season into account, and to provide protection against the elements, such as a biting winter wind, or a hot summer sun.

2) There should be plenty to drink near the outside wedding ceremony area, both water to make sure that everyone stays hydrated, and more interesting drinks to keep the party going. If the wedding is in winter, hot drinks would be of order too.

3) Getting wed outside means that thanks to the natural beauty of the surroundings, you will probably not have to decorate much, but some added pizzazz is always welcome. Extra flower bouquets are a good idea, and something to act a sda backdrop to the ceremony also helps to draw focus.

4) Dedicate special attention to the nose and sound situation. All the guests want to hear the ceremony unfolding, so heavy surf or some other background noise are unwelcome. Use a microphone and loudspeakers if necessary.

5) Do something against insects, if there is little wind in the area. Especially so at sunset. Repelling candles are great, and giving guests lotions to drive away the critters is also a possibility.

6) Check that you have all the permits necessary to hold the wedding in the chosen outdoor location, and make sure that you are not breaking any rules with matters such as waste disposal, vehicle parking or photography.

7) Have a substitute location, preferably indoors, in the case that the weather turns bad. You wouldn't want to be caught out in a rainstorm during your outdoor wedding, so make sure that you can retreat to a roof over your head for a more traditional marriage ceremony, if necessary.

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