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stumblehere suprised me

I recently sold my car on I was very surprised by this, thinking that since this was not a name of a website that I was familiar with. I was scared that I was wasting my money. Well I will be the first to tell you how wrong I was.

After posting my classified ad on craigslist, people were talking about stumblehere free classified ads. And how much traffic their ad syndication was bringing.

I did not want to listen to some sales speach about how stumblehere was a place to sell my stuff. The last thing I wanted to do was post more ads.

But I finally listened and decided to try out the classified ad syndication. I learned that ad syndication is all about getting my ad on all of the high traffic sites. As long as my stuff sells I am happy.

So I went to the website and posted a classified ad. I then upgraded it to make it a featured ad on their site and added ad syndication. I wanted to get my ad on as many websites as possible.

Not only did I sell my vehicle, but I sold it fast. I got enough calls to get a full price offer. Thanks stumblehere.

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